Care to adopt a LegoKev of your own?

After much thought in the past few weeks, and several enquiries by people keen to have their own LegoKev, I’ve decided to make a few more LegoKevs for people to have. Naturally I won’t be selling them (that way I’d have to worry about the quality!) but in return for taking on a LegoKev, I will be asking people to commit to sending back some photos of his travels for the blog.

As strange as it sounds, LegoKev isn’t actually the easiest man to construct. As well as his custom-made jersey, he uses a head, hair-piece a body from several different Lego models, so I’m using a great Lego website called BrickLink to source the pieces in (semi) bulk. Once I’ve got a number of LegoKev’s assembled, and have figured out a slightly easier way of doing his jersey, I’ll start sending them out.

A few people have already put their virtual name on one, so there’s an orderly queue forming. So, if you want a LegoKev of your own, tweet me so that I can put you on the waiting list. But you’ve got to PROMISE to give him a good home, okay?


LegoKev has been very pleased in recent weeks, as he’s been getting lots of photos sent to him by the clones he sent out in to the world. Here’s a selection of some of the photos that have made their way back to their creator…