Less talk, more awesome LEGO monkey warriors!

Behold Tyler Halliwell's fantastic LEGO depiction of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, a main character from the 16th century Chinese mythological novel Journey to the West. He possess amazing strength, speed and the ability to transform himself into a wide variety of animals and objects.

Halliwell’s LEGO sculpture features the Monkey King seated in the lotus position while wielding his trademark staff.

This is quite a large build, at 40”x15”x21” overall. I took influence from multiple Asian cultures in the design, especially with the Japanese samurai armor but with added Chinese and Korean influence.

Building the piece took about 100 hours over the course of two months and used roughly 1500 LEGO bricks.

Head over to The Brothers Brick for an interview with Tyler Halliwell about creating his mighty LEGO Monkey King.

[via The Brothers Brick]

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My second animation is now live on Yogscast Lewis & Simon! It’s the big one: The Bomb.

Reminder: I’m going to Insomnia 52 Fri-Sun and am bringing all the LEGO guys with me, details here!

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Have you seen my latest video? I got drunk with porn star Levi Michaels and build a Lego Batcave! 

cell113 said:

I am so goshdarn happy seeing the baby Cops. I mean, there's been headcanons and stuff floating around, but there's only been one doodle of the idea the entire existence of the fandom, so it's kind of a big deal, at least to me. All the cuties has certainly made my morning. :D


Now that you mention it, yes. I only remember seeing one babycop before hm. Oh well. I am happy to supply :D

I dont know if those things are still a thing. But when my sister was a baby, there where those thick rubbery plastic rings  for babies to chew on.
I imagine Bad wrecking one or two.

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