LEGO pictorial map of Europe.


The LEGO Ideas website is a place where you can vote on projects and, if they get enough votes, they might get produced and sold by LEGO. I saw this project in my weekly email newsletter just now and thought y’all might enjoy it. Like it? Sign up and vote. Don’t like it? Don’t.

I am not affiliated with this project, any of the people behind this project, or the LEGO corporation.

Christian Faber Clarifies His Role with Bionicle 2015

One of the original creators of the Bionicle franchise, Christian Faber, confirmed today that he would not be directly involved with the story team but will be taking a role as a “Turaga” for the return of the Bionicle line in 2015. “It is crucial that Bionicle gets new energy and that is what has happened,” he wrote on his blog this morning.

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Got the Bag-End Lego set the other day. (Thanks to lightningsabre for ordering for me!)

It’s pretty small, all things considered, but there’s a lot of space out the back for expansion… *cough*

Lego Bofur is particularly adorable. <3

Am I going to have to collect all the Dwarves now? Ye gods.