[Update on stolen art]

Anime-alley has emailed me personally with an apology. They have also removed all their online stores. I didn’t really expect it to go this far, but in the end it was still their responsibility to ensure the legitimacy of the items at their store. Especially when purchasing items that are too cheap to be true, it probably is. I will consider it an apology accepted, so next time we see them around on the net I hope they’re selling legitimate merch.

It seems that they bought the items from TaoBao, a website known for really cheap imitation items, based in China.

Please, please support the artists directly when you can if they have their own store.

After a bit of digging, a really helpful twitter user managed to ask the Taobao store in question to remove the artwork they stole from me. Unfortunately I can see the rest of their store is full of stolen artwork used in charms but they never upload the actual artwork, so I could not find the original artists based simply from charms.

Please do NOT buy from them: If there’s any way you recognize the original artists from the artwork they’re selling they would remove it upon request;; But I can’t contact them myself (my mandarin it really bad, I don’t know how to talk to them even if I could)

»> The offending Taobao store «<



Lastly just a huge thank you for everyone that helped contact storenvy and signal boosted the original post. I didn’t expect it to get so much attention on social media this quickly, but your support really helped me and the other artists. Thank you very much.

Utterly contrived topic sentence revealing pretty much every flaw of structured essay writing. Therefore, supporting sentence invoking source that exists only in the bibliographies of other cited material (pp. arbitrary to arbitrary + 5). Contemplative question? Definitive refutation paraphrased from a blog found at 2AM:

'Massive block text to lend legitimacy to this sorry endeavor.'
— Legitimate-sounding Anglo Saxon name (year between 1859 and 1967)

Obviously, non-sequitur segue. Utter misinterpretation of the only other author researched for this paper. Blind search for evidence reflecting increasing desperation (authors 4, 5, and 6). Moreover, loose observation to try to force coherence. Indeed, an attempt at humor!

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What is interesting to me is the lack of trust the fandom has in the 1D brand. Everyone is suspicious (and I believe rightly so) of all most everything that comes out. It's now to the point where Louis & Liam personally say they helped write SMG & fans started to question the legitimacy of it. Then Liam has back tracks saying they actually "tweaked" it proving those fans right. Trust for a brand, any brand, is a critical strategic asset. Maybe music is different but brand trust = brand loyalty.

Well, there’s a huge lack of trust in THIS part of the fandom. You won’t find that if you venture into the mainstream fandom, especially on twitter. But a lot of those fans really are in it for the cute boys and the music (which is FINE), so they aren’t paying a lot of attention to the inconsistencies because they don’t care.

That said, there is a big issue here. Because the band was built on social media, the fans really feel like they know the boys and have a personal connection with them. Whenever they start to realise that they have been lied to, there is a big backlash. (Apparently even some of the big blogs on the other side of the fandom still don’t believe that management has access to the boys’ Twitter accounts. They think that even promo tweets come from the boys).

When the absolute depth of that deception is revealed, it’s going to be chaos.

I really think these people who literally identify themselves as sociopaths (without even understanding the history of the word or how nonexistent it is in reality, while doing horrible things on purpose) are just plain old abusers searching for some kind of legitimacy by latching onto an ableist slur and disability discussions as their own somehow.

It’s pretty standard abuser mentality. They find a means to insulate themselves from consequences no matter who they harm in the meantime. It also shows how little connection they truly have to the disability community and mental illness since they see it as an insulation, instead of as a dangerous slur that harms people.

I stood in the tram today and a little biracial girl come up to me, stared at my bantu knots, my face, and then said: “Ich wurde hier geboren”. I was born here. Few words, but they broke my heart. Because I knew what they meant. You remind me of my blackness. But I am not a foreigner like you, I have legitimacy because I was born here. I suspect her dad is african. But this girl was distancing herself from it, because in this country africans are largely regarded as unwanted, uninvited, pollution. ausländer. foreigner. It’s always a pejorative. As I walked away, I felt somehow like I had abandoned her. What could I tell the child? I couldn’t be in her life to teach her how to survive white supremacy. What kind of alienation in school, on the playground, in the stares from adults, must she have already experienced? In her few years of upbringing, she had already learned to split herself and make whiteness the center of her being in order to just be. 

Whenever I see the word “endgame” with regard to romantic plotlines/ships - I want to claw my eyes out and die.  It’s just the purest expression of everything that is wrong with how media has trained our society to treat love.

Love is not a competition.

Love is not finite.

Love is not achieved and then static.

One love does not contradict the importance or legitimacy of another.

Romantic love is not a solution to virtually any narrative problem (outside a few magical settings), nor is it good shorthand for character development (outside a few very specific cases of characters who have barriers against intimacy they need to tear down a bit) or redemption.

I’m not saying love doesn’t matter, shouldn’t be the subject of storytelling, etc etc.  I am saying, can we please shake off these poisonous attitudes and trope and actually address love as the diverse and complicated thing it is.

I will forever love Joss Whedon (though he is far from perfect) for having Buffy end the series single and the narrative be focused on her coming into her own rather than romantic love for any given partner.  And I will forever love cassandraclare for the end of the Infernal Devices the way it did, shooting the idea that “true love” devalues any other romantic love in one’s lifetime right in the face (though I will always be a bit miffed they couldn’t have the poly relationship they deserved).

Sidenote: I have more tolerance for these tropes with same-sex relationships because those stories haven’t already been told 100 billion times - and “you will never get to be romantically happy” is the actual starting point for what lgbt people have been yelled at by media narratives, so “happily ever after” is actually subversive and necessary there instead of a really tired cliche.  It shouldn’t be the ONLY romantic narrative even there though.

I don’t know but popular white boy bloggers using aave and racial slurs and then adding ‘yung’ to their url to gain some sense of legitimacy just irk me to no end and there are so many of these trashy blogs nowadays it’s annoyingly prevalent

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Did you have a great Day?

I took a rare sick day off from work and mostly stayed on the couch, but got around to doing some things like reading comic books which I never find the time for anymore. I also took some really bad pictures from the couch that I’ll probably post in some desperate cry for creative legitimacy six months or so from now.

Also the capitalization of Day in the question made me think of Morris Day and my copy of the Day-Zs girl group side project he tried to do.

beyondasleep replied to your photo “Pdx late September rush hour.”

that northwest tinge to everything… it brings back the old feelings of lethargy almost instantly

Since I am now officially, medically diagnosed allergic to the sun (and benzoin) I can say with legitimacy that it has the opposite effect on me. I’m like YESSSS my protective grey fuzz is back, now I can go get shit done!

three out of four of the languages I speak use the plural to address to a single person in a formal context. it’s polite. refusing the legitimacy of they as a singular pronouns, even if you’re suggesting alternative gender neutral options, personally sounds to me like refusing nb people respect. this is just my vision, having been raised to refer to most people in plural and many might not see it this way but I wanted to let my followers know I’ve seen a few of you argue against it and that irks me a lot.


Alvaro Arbeloa neglects to greet Captain Iker Casillas ahead of the 1st leg of the Supercopa VS Atlético Madrid.

The real political task in a society such as ours is to criticize the workings of institutions that appear to be both neutral and independent, to criticize and attack them in such a manner that the political violence that has always exercised itself obscurely through them will be unmasked, so that one can fight against them
—  Foucault
Libyan rebels plan to begin exporting oil themselves

This is a big deal for the opposition council. The Libyan rebel government’s deal with Qatar to export oil has obvious benefits to their cause, and they aren’t strictly economic. One aspect of the Libyan struggle we can’t overlook is the need for others to perceive their legitimacy — the more the rebellion shows a unified, proactive, and competent front, the more pressure it may put on Gaddafi’s beleaguered allies to desert him. The immediately refused rebel ceasefire offer was a good example, and this follows suit — the practical proof that oil exports can resume despite Gaddafi’s efforts to the contrary is another psychological victory against a regime that’s already reported as suffering key defections by officials. source

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There can be no absolution, no redemption of past crimes unless the outcomes are changed. So long as the aggressors’ posterity continue to reap the benefits of that aggression, the crimes are merely replicated in the present. In effect, the aggression remains ongoing and, in that, there can be no legitimacy. Not now, not ever.
—  Ward Churchill

I wrote this song for all the beautiful ladies out there.