we were at a red light and i saw a sign that only said “legs and eggs” and at first i laughed bc “leg so hot you fry an egg” and i pointed it out to my friend and then figured out loud that it probably meant chicken legs and eggs and it was a sign for some crazy unhealthy restaurant that was having a special (bc we’re in oklahoma, not unlikely), i decided to actually look back at the place and it’s a fucking strip joint

// Me earlier today while parading around in new leggings =

 “I look super adorable”

Other people telling me I’m adorable = “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” *lays on floor* *flails* *covers head with arms*

Steal Her Style | Alice Sara Ott

A nice black and white outfit by the talented #alicesaraott.

New Look Utility D-Ring Shirt

– Asos [17,39€]


ASOS TALL Leather Look Leggings

– Asos [24,94€]

New Look Dolly Block Heel Chelsea Boots

– Asos [34,01€]

Weekday Ball Through and Through Stud Earrings

– Asos [12,09€]

ASOS Open Bar and Ball Mix Ring Pack

– Asos [10,96€]


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