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See how sweet they look at each other!

Do I see a pattern of long-raven haired and short-brown haired beauties?

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I brought you some tea. I thought you might be cold out here.You’re so sweet. Thanks. Are you okay? You seem out of sorts. Sorry. I’ve just been thinking about something Toph said. She told me that the world doesn’t need me and it’s basically pointless to try and stop Kuvira. That’s ridiculous. At the time, I thought so, too. I figured she was just being her normal, cranky self. But I’m beginning to think she had a point. No, she doesn’t. The world does need you. You’re the Avatar. But no matter what I do, the world seems to always be out of balance!

Hi I haven’t been posting for a while! that’s because I was busy doing my work and my upcoming comic book me and my gf have been working on! so here is a teaser for our fan comic! since there is no continuation of the Avatar series and my and my girlfriend are avatar addicts so we decided to make a comic of what we (THINK) would happen if the cycle did continue I hope I can post updates on the comic itself too! its the first time I will be doing an online comic series any tips in posting the comic or anything would really help! this got me and my girlfriend really excited! so yeah! update you guys soon!