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badass alto songs [x]
a long list of songs that don’t go higher than a c. because who needs high notes? (requested by getdrunk-singshowtunes and longlivenightvale)

maybe this time (cabaret) // buddie beware (anything goes) // hold on (the secret garden) // i want to go to hollywood (grand hotel) // a trip to the library (she loves me) // the ladies who lunch (company) // day by day (godspell) // always true to you in my fashion (kiss me kate) // i’m going back (bells are ringing) // he’s the wizard (the wiz) // muqin (thoroughly modern millie) // last midnight (into the woods) // days of plenty (little women) // a little less conversation (all shook up) // as we stumble along (the drowsy chaperone) // there are worse things i could do (grease) // calm (ordinary days) // ireland (legally blonde) // send in the clowns (a little night music) // like it was (merrily we roll along) // no time at all (pippin) // stepsister’s lament (cinderella)

i leave nothing to the gods - a mix of musical theatre songs for ambitious and cunning slytherins 

you and me (but mostly me) the book of mormon » some people gypsy » the world according to chris carrie » roxie chicago » this world will remember us bonnie & clyde » foolish to think (reprise) a gentleman’s guide to love and murder » how the other half lives thoroughly modern millie » climbing uphill the last 5 years » killer instinct bring it on » the wizard and i wicked » candy store heathers » rock star bloody bloody andrew jackson » money, money, money mamma mia » the world will know newsies » so much better legally blonde » nine people’s favorite thing [title of show] » where i want to be chess » hometown hero’s ticker tape parade dogfight »  better little women » everything else next to normal » part of your world the little mermaid » here i go if/then » step one kinky boots » voulez-vous mamma mia » don’t rain on my parade funny girl » defying gravity wicked » astonishing little women » i’m so that guy bloody bloody andrew jackson » live in living color catch me if you can »

[on 8racks]

Legally Blonde the Musical
  • Omigod You Guys:sisters before misters
  • Serious:probably the douchiest breakup ever
  • Daughter of Delta Nu:sisters before misters reprise
  • What You Want:with a bit of hard work and peer pressure you can get whatever you want
  • The Harvard Variations:emmett is the only person here who isn't privileged
  • Blood in the Water:let the 75th annual hunger games begin
  • Positive:win back your man with the power of a greek chorus and a hot bod
  • Ireland:i listen to foreign music to drown out my troubles
  • Ireland (Reprise):it's not a... perfect metaphor
  • Serious (Reprise):warner is a real douche
  • Chip On My Shoulder:let's get down to business to defeat the huns
  • So Much Better:the empowering "i can do anything" act one finale
  • Whipped Into Shape:holy crap how is she singing with that choreo
  • Delta Nu Nu Nu:sisters before misters reprise reprise
  • Take It Like A Man:legally blonde + ratty corduroy 5ever
  • Bend and Snap:if you did this in real life it wouldn't work at all but this is a musical so let's run with it and try not to break any noses in the process
  • There! Right! There!:gay or european (i bet you thought that was already the title)
  • Legally Blonde:legally blonde + ratty corduroy reprise feat intense empathetic crying
  • Legally Blonde Remix:warner may be a douche but his (ex)girlfriend sure isn't
  • Scene Of The Crime:something to do with showers and perms i think at this point we all kinda stopped paying attention
  • Find My Way/Finale:forgiveness also sisters before misters reprise reprise reprise and legally blonde + ratty corduroy reprise reprise