Weed strengthens my marriage.

Every time I get irritated, I take a hit or two before I even go there. After just a couple tokes my head clears. A lot of times it’s no longer a big deal and saves a whole draining pointless argument. It reminds me what really matters, takes away the clutter so I can think logically and not just on emotion. 

Most people would automatically laugh at this. I used to think that weed split families apart too. I thought weed had split apart ours, my sister was smoking weed from the time she was 16 and I blamed that, little did I know she was also doing hard drugs and dealing with severe depression. That is why she was struggling, not the weed.

Now I know it is the ignorance and illegality surrounding cannabis that divides us. That is what people are afraid of. If they could see the facts they would understand there is nothing to be scared of, whether you choose to use the plant or not.

Marijuana helps me in so many aspects of my life and I am determined to help shed light on this amazing plant.  A plant I wish I had utilized sooner. My husband doesn’t even smoke and he wishes I had smoked weed sooner.

Nothing is one size fits all, every relationship is different this is simply my testimony.

I would just like to remind everyone that twenty-five years ago, the large majority of Ireland was (at the very least 90%) Catholic, and polls showed a public favor towards “no abortion” and “no divorce” laws. They were somewhat considered as a socially restricted country, in comparison to all the other countries of the world…

And now, Saturday, May 23rd…

They are the first freaking country to legalize it, completely, throughout the entirety of their nation. 

The first country to take the next step towards equality. 

A big fuck yes to Ireland, and a big let’s fucking get started on this, too, shall we? to all the other countries in the world.

*** side note: I completely and totally recognize/appreciate that not all Christians and not all Catholics are homophobic and anti-lgbt; associating Ireland as a widely Catholic nation at the beginning of this post was only meant to notice that Ireland at that time generally tended to follow the Catholic Church’s popular beliefs. We should all continue to be aware that the Catholic Chruch’s ideals and mindsets most definitely does not reflect the beliefs of all people of this religion. ***