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That night in the hotel room Ellie was awoken by one of hardy's particularly bad night terrors and had to talk him down from a potential heart attack

warning: mentions of drowning and description of dead body

He could see the trainers floating, her trainers.  Rain was beating down on his head, cascading down his face obscuring his vision, but he knew what he saw.  

He runs to the river and jumps in, not more wet than he was before, but maybe a bit warmer.  He felt warm under the water, but the rain pelt down like cold bullets on the exposed parts of his body.  

He trudged along the river floor until his feet no longer reached, and he had to fight his way against the current, arms and legs kicking like they never had before.

He could see her hair, her brown hair, splayed out on top of the water.  The rain was so forceful it made her body bounce slightly.  She was not resisting.  

He grabbed her arm, trying as best he could to drag her closer to him, closer to the shore.  He felt the chill of her swollen skin ascend up his arm and to his chest.  

He found his footing on the floor and scooped her up.  Death felt heavy in his arms.

The limp wet hair on her limp wet body was splayed on her face.  It looked less brown than before.  

He walked closer to the shore, at least he was trying to.  With each step he took he felt just as far away.  He increased his pace but stayed where he was.

He started to panic.

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Second Chances Teaser

Santana glanced at Brittany again, before answering. “Dogs are nice but…”

“But they teach responsibility, they are good companions, and they protect us.” Taylor interrupted her.

“There are a number of other things that teach responsibility as well, Tay.” Santana told her, running her fingers through Skylar’s thick hair to get a few tangles out. “Cleaning up your room, washing the dishes, helping momma and me out with Sky, you know like when you get her bottles for us.”

“And Skylar is a great companion.” Brittany laughed. “She’s always ready to play.” She smiled, ticklig the baby, who kicked her legs and laughed loudly before leaning into Santana’s chest to hide her face.

“What about protection from a burglar?” Taylor asked. “A dog will protect us.”

“My 22 and my 38 will protect us.” Santana mumbled.

Brittany looked at her quickly. “Don’t tell her that.”

“What are those?” Taylor asked, furrowing her eyebrows in confusion.

“Nothing, Tay.” Brittany exhaled. “Why don’t you grab a small bottle for Sky for some breakfast then we all can go out for some breakfast.”

You all are killing him, He is on the floor laughing too hard. “MAY—MAYHEM HELP!” he’s kicking his legs.