Terrance Dicks: I remember I once did a Doctor Who play and they overdid it on the fog machines and the entire audience disappeared!

Terrance Dicks: I liked the fact that her[Leela’s] first solution to any problem was to kill it.

John Abbott: I must say I was glad to be in a Doctor Who with Tom Baker, he was an extraordinary man, extraordinary actor.
Terrance Dicks: Extraordinary pain in the neck at times! But no, he was very good, very dedicated.

Terrance Dicks: Tom was always coming up with ideas in rehearsal ‘why don’t we do this, or try that’ and if it was a good idea you’d say yes and go with it. And if it was nonsense you’d just say ‘Tom that’s absolute rubbish’ and he’d say ‘oh, is it? Yes I dare say you’re right’ and he’d wander away quite happily.

Louise Jameson: Her hairs very neat for a shipwreck victim.
Terrance Dicks: Yes, and why are they all in evening dress?

Louise Jameson: They are the most loyal fandom in the world, I tell you!

—  Commentary for Horror of Fang Rock