Ah, laundry day. An excellent opportunity to burn through additional BFAs. Today I’m going to aspire towards wrapping up S4 of BF’s Gallifrey.

On that note, it’s amusing how drastically the format of Gallifrey has shifted since the end of S3. It’s a considerable change! Apart from the more… episodic nature of S1, up until now Gallifrey has been in large part a mashup of brutal sociopolitical drama with… well, let’s face it, a much-better-executed version of the possession/anti-time plot concepts from Neverland and Zagreus by way of the Pandora situation. (It’s clearly a conscious similarity, too - “Zagreus” and “Pandora” are both names derived from Greco-Roman myth, just to name one obvious connection.)

In stark contrast, S4 so far (being partway through S4E2 at the moment) seems to be basically Sliders. Not that there’s anything intrinsically wrong with that creative direction - in fact, I don’t think I could bear another five-hour stretch of civil war, decimating epidemics, and sheer misery, so it’s a welcome change in focus. But it’s clear that it’s very much a different series than the first chunk.


* Holy shit, she was always quite good - good enough that, even in 1977, she often threatened Tom Baker’s screen-presence just by walking characterfully - but Louise Jameson really can fucking ACT, can’t she? There’s a moment in S4E2 where Evil!Leela has to feign Prime!Leela’s speech patterns and body language and manner (and BLINDNESS!), and you’d think that audio would be a hinderence in transmitting that to the audience, but god DAMN Jameson manages it. Actually, strike that, she doesn’t just manage it - she plays her vocal cords like a sodding Stradivarius! You can HEAR her efforts to reassert old body-language and her struggle to modulate her manners of speach and I don’t know how Jameson does it. She’s the best actor Big Finish has on their payroll, and BF has David fucking Warner on-call so that’s saying something.