Doctor Doctor (Pt 2) - SeungrixYou - Submission

Submission by: misslavada

There she was. Again in his dreams, wearing that same white dress. She looked great in any color she wore. No, she looked like a queen in every shade in the universe. She had a certain dislike for the color yellow though, it was a pity. White though, it had a certain look for her. It made her pale skin almost glow like the Sun, making him want to bask in her shade. 

She was there in front of him, guiding him along with that wide smile on her face. That smile that made her eyes crinkle up and made her shine even more. Her hand was in his, pulling him along the field of flowers and grass. He noticed that she was barefooted in her white sundress while he was dressed in black from head to shoes. It was like he had dressed up with no where to go and she just swooped in from Heaven to take him somewhere.

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24 Things I Love About Seungri

There’s way too many wonderful things about him, and these are just some of the things that make Lee Seunghyun an absolutely amazing person. From his cute baby hands, to his sexy dancing, to his appetite, to his song-writing abilities….

Seungri is a really strong, hard-working, and of course, talented person. And for that I admire him.

#HappyVIrthday ♥

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Seungri will be observed from 1-2 weeks to find out whether he need surgery. Seungri hs again admitted to the hospital for a high fever and his liver was damaged again. 

Please VIPS,we pray for that him not to need surgery and that he recovers.