So proud of them ^^


i give up on this lol 

I don't think people realize how important Hakyeons birthday pic is

like every member alone is gold

first we have the cute lil bday boy

next our “ever the life of the party” jung leo

Kim “My mom says I can’t throw gang signs so heres a V" ₩on$hik

now theres Kenbin over here lookin’ like a married couple

like Hongbin wheRE IS YOUR HAND GOING HMMM????
srsly tho guys they have the rings and everything I’m weak

and my personal favorite:

"When the blunt hit you too hard” Stoner maknae

VIXX as Parents
  • N:Remember, violence is never good... but if they call you dark and make fun of your forehead, then you have every right to strangle them.
  • Ken:Son. Today, I'll be teaching you how to imitate a country dog.
  • Ravi:What do you mean it's my fault that you snore loudly in your sleep?
  • Hyuk:Naruto taught me many things in life... now it's time to pass these learnings on to you.....*teaches him ninjutsu techniques*
  • Hongbin:Always remember that your dimples are the escape to everything; and by everything, I mean EVERYTHING.
  • Leo:*nods to his child*
  • Child:....... *nods back*