RIP Choco

Choco passed away.

I’m crying so much ohmygosh! This seems so unreal. Please tell me it’s not true. I can’t imagine how Hyukkie is taking this. Everything hurts…

EH: There are times when I can barely see Choco once in a month. So there are times I want to see her more than my family. I can hear my family’s voice if I call them, but Choco cannot call. So whenever I have time, regardless of if it’s day or night, I rush home to see Choco. 

EH: She’s the first one I’ve raised since its a puppy. I did take care of other families dogs for a short time before. But she is the first ‘our dog’. In another words, she’s a ‘family’. When I was in first grade in high school, my sister had a boyfriend. He gifted her Choco. And I think that’s when Choco became a gift of my life. Once, when I was in second, or third grade in High School, Choco ran away from home when we left the door opened. I had to go to practice, but I didn’t go because I was looking for Choco. Our next door neighbour found her for us, but I spent the entire day that day crying while looking for Choco.

EH: To be honest, it’s not that I love Choco because she’s a dog or animal, but just that the Choco that I love, just happened to be a puppy. In far future, when a lot of time has passed, and Choco has left my side, I might start something while remembering Choco. But right now, I want to pour all my love only on Choco. Choco is still just 12 years old; She’s still a young puppy to me. 

Choco was 14 now. T__T RIP Choco

Imagine being a trainee in SM and a staff touring you around the bulding
  • Staff:And to your right you'll see a bunch of old men who are barely their 30's
  • Staff:who act like 5-12 year olds who like cosplaying as frozen characters
  • Staff:but it's ok
  • Staff:bc their mentally kids
  • Staff:and is still waiting to go through puberty
  • Staff:especially the one that looks like a fish
Super Junior Fanservice...

Super Junior members love each other like brothers…

But sometimes things a little crazy on stage

Especially when Siwon’s shirt comes off, and he starts pulling other members
clothes off too.

…And the intimate touching begins O_O

The bromance is activated… and it soars over level 9000

To the point where topless ab licking is acceptable.

And topless pole-dancing of course…

Happy ELF