@AllRiseSilver: Everybody check this out! ma first dance video! with won&kasper&beat burger!!!! youtu.be/_5IFVIfgKIk?list=PL5AB52D13F0F41DFA …

@donghae861015: Hyuk-ah, it’s cool ~~ Let me do it too, I want to do it. ㅎ

@siwon407: Oh.

@zhoumi_419: Ya……Hyukhyuhyukjae, this is really cool~ !!

@ryeong9: It’s Chocolate Bonbon ~~^^ good E !


They did a draw and Shindong pulled out a “designer” card and Eunhyuk ended up pulling out the…well you can see…where he would now have to pay around $1000 for Shindong design Tees. 

The total amount of Tshirts: SJ memebers (10), Managers (8), Stylists (6), Hair and MakeUp (14) = 38. 

There were 3 choices for tailor: Brand A (22,000 won each), Brand B (18,000 won each), Brand C (13,000 won each). 

The members chose Brand A. It says “Because Shindong is there,we exist.We are Super Juni-OR!” “Super Junior 7th album Mamacita(Ayaya)” and on the back of the tshirt “Look at the front of this T-shirt!” (image: 1, 2, 3

"Because I am first(?) one who pay for the Tshirts, I feel bad though." 

credit: ButtsBonBon

(maybe the members will keep doing this game and pulling out more designer/investor card to see who is next and hyuk gets the first start XD)