lee byunghun


One late autumn night, the disciple woke up crying. So the master asked the disciple…

- “Did you have a nightmare?”

- “No.” 

-“Did you have a sad dream?”

- “No, I had a sweet dream” said the disciple.

-“Then why are you crying so sadly?”

-The disciple answered quietly, while wiping his tears… “Because the dream I had can’t come true. “


DJ Shindong: How many kids would L.Joe like to have?
L.Joe: I would like to have three.
Chunji: Really~! *laughs*
L.Joe: I want a son, a daughter, and a son. Chunji! Son, daughter, son.
DJ Shindong: Ah, yes. Have you perhaps thought of a name?
L.Joe: Well, since Chunji’s real name is Chanhee, and add Byung, so Byungchannie~♥