She eventually captures Mindfang with the aid of her dragon lusus, Pyralspite. Not knowing about the Dragon, Mindfang had understimated her. Mindfang’s sensitive vision eightfold is burned out by looking into the dragon’s bright eyes, and her arm is severed by Redglare. Unfortunately, Mindfang uses her powers during her trial to turn the spectators’ aggression towards Redglare, causing a riot that leaves her hanging from the very noose intended for Mindfang.

High res

So… Calliope… Yay. 

I was feeling really depressed so I thought actually trying and doing a Calliope drawing would make me feel better, three hours later I finished. I think it came out well and I feel a lot better about my art.

Most of you might not see, or even reblog this, but at least like it, it would make me feel even better.