Sometimes decorating can be such a chore - especially when it isn’t just houses and not just community lots, but the teeny tiny detailed pieces of community lots… 

Yet somehow, tonight, discovering that I did indeed have a mail crate full of “mail” to make a mail-room in the Ledesia HQ office building was one of the most amazing highlights of my day - and it has been a nice day too! 

Ahhhhh, randomly detailed spaces that will probably never see the light of an LP… <3 How you complete my little world of imagination. 

Janet Lusher
[ ??? ] 

Janet Lusher was adopted by her Uncle and his family after authorities found her apparently abandoned by her parents, who had vanished into thin air. Her parents weren’t known to be the kind of people just to wander off and leave their baby (and several goldfish) unattended, so mystery already surrounded Janet’s young life. Also curious was the odd… condition that Janet was found in, afflicted with some curious disease that didn’t seem to be harming her too much, but doctor’s couldn’t quite understand either… 

Family Tree
 - Parents: ??? (female cousin of Caleb Lusher), ??? 
 - Adoptive Parents: Caleb LusherCicely Lusher
 - Adoptive Siblings: Cinnamon Lusher, Noma LusherLavender Lusher

A Little More… 
 - As an infant, Janet is so quiet that often it is easy to forget she is even there. Except occasionally she does emit some extremely creepy moans. 


I’ve been working on setting up the new neighborhood and it really is taking forever - but not only did I make custom terrains and hand-decorate huge chunks of the neighborhood and have to import and/or remake the families, but then their new houses needed decorated from top to bottom. 

Almost done with Newton and Valarie’s new home, though, and it is looking awesome. The perfect place to raise three boys (though Valarie, especially since Rosalind had Leena and Evelyn just had her twins, wants more) and start their new life in Ledesia (Proper). Still, it amazes me how it can take me a good hour just to finish one room.

I have certainly become a lot pickier about design since my last major simming spree. ;P I blame all the awesome pictures of other people’s houses I see all the time. 

After months of hard work behind the scenes Ledesia is finally ready to make a reappearance! 

Welcome to the sprawling science community built up from the legacy of a Legacy Challenge and spurred on by a unique mixture of traditional photo-and-text story-telling and organic video Let’s Playing! 

From these humble beginnings we hope to see the stories of many sim families unfold across the island of Ledesia as time goes on. I will be guiding some of those story-lines as appropriate, but for the most part it will be the fantastic random, organic nature of the game and a carefully crafted set of random generators that bring the stories here to life. 

To celebrate Ledesia now has its very own TumblrThe Ledesia Tumblr will contain only original content for the town of Ledesia, including stories, photographs, downloads, and all other relevant goodies that have to do with the town and its occupants. 

I have already written up some details about each of the current residents in Ledesia - you can find out more by following the links from the Neighborhood Census page! 

After so many weeks of carefully building, designing, and nurturing all the little bits and pieces in this neighborhood I can’t wait to just jump in and play! Hopefully I’ll be able to release the first Let’s Plays this weekend! 

As always guys, thank you so much for your support, patience, and continued interest in what is going on in this little town. I love sharing it with you and knowing that it can bring you something interesting and fun to enjoy really helped to keep going through all the detail work! 

Also, if you are wanting to follow only Sims related content feel free to follow the new Ledesia Tumblr rather than this one. I’m going to continue to turn seri-plays into a general Tumblr for gaming giggles, but the Ledesia Tumblr will be pure, original Sims 2 content! Don’t worry, all Let’s Plays related to Sims 2 will be posted there as well! 

Watch on seri-plays.tumblr.com

Episode One: Introducing Ledesia!

Welcome to Seri Sims, a story-telling focused Sims 2 Let’s Play centered on the budding science community of Ledesia! Follow along as the community grows from its humble origins into a city of science, robots, and mysterious experiments!

In this episode the brand-new community of Ledesia is introduced, as well as the surrounding towns of Oak Grove and Glacial Lake - two areas where our non-geniuses can go to live, though each has its own mysteries and dramas too!

After SO MUCH work and hand-wringing and head-banging and a lot of laughter I’ve finally gotten enough of my Let’s Play videos finished in the background (and so many novice mistakes out of the way) that I feel comfortable with sharing the first video to the wide world!

Seri Sims is a Let’s Play focused on Sims 2 and watching as the communities of Ledesia and Oak Grove grow! I’m big on making up stories on the fly and playing with a flare of (admittedly exhausting) organic growth to my game. I hope ya’ll enjoy!


Polar Push Park, the opposite to Polar Pull Park in the center of Ledesia’s main community district. A combination of art park and functional open-air thinking space, the park boasts a modern mirror garden, “pushing” activities such as swings, slides, and soccer, as well as a small flowered hill for inspirational painting and a covered awning for outdoor grilling. 

Open space for free-range playing and a bird bath surrounded by flowers are also included. Additional activities and inspirational supplies can be located at the park’s opposite, Polar Pull Park. 


Coffee shop for Ledesia is done! Is in a nice little strip that even has an extra design studio and piano lesson area attached! :D 

Hmm, getting so close now… Yoga studio, Natalie’s farm and shop, UFO impound center, Ledesia HQ, a small hospital, the elementary and high school, hmm… I guess there is still a lot more to build! 

I wonder, though, should I start with a “complete”-ish Ledesia or just some basics, then build up the town and show the new additions over time? Hmmm… 


I was sure, sure, sure, sure, sure I checked the genders during the re-make. “I’m going to be sure to make Sir Silverboy a boy this time, so we can have corgi puppies!” I said. I’d check the gender when I made them the second time to be ultimately sure I said. 

… yeah, Sir Silver Boy and Apricot are both girls AGAIN. 

Looks like tonight’s recording will not be about corgi puppies. 


Some Ledesia updates! :D 

I’ve been working nearly around the clock the last few days - almost a week now, actually! - on building, decorating, and tweaking the fine details of several families and several community lots! 

Pictured here is Ledesia HQ, which was previewed in really, really, really rough WIP a while back. This is the business head-quarters of Ledesia, where the people who manage the town’s growth through economy, permits for new research, immigration, and so on come to work. It is headed by heiress to the Eureka name Rosalind Eureka, whose office is pictured in the bottom right. (Just a hint - that couch does see some action and her windows are tinted for a reason.) 

Thanks for your patience guys! Having to rebuild my CC folder and neighborhood from scratch really took it out of me. I’m being very careful this time to make sure that the downloads are safe! Plus I figure if I can do all the hard work of decorating a good chunk of the neighborhood now, then we can just sit back and enjoy game play later!

Of course, the town is still going to grow, but at least we’ll have a nice solid start! :D 


There! Photographic proof that Ledesia has been being worked on. A few of the community lots are still dummies I need to get into to fill up, but I’m actually starting to feel like things are coming together!

Expect big Ledesia related things showing up soon! >:D


I AM PLEASED WITH HOW THIS TURNED OUT. It was an amazing stroke of luck I stumbled on the CC that I ended up using when I did, but wrapping it all together and I’ve finally got my house-buried-in-a-hill like I wanted for this simmie! 8D

The house of Inya Stocking of Ledesia, my friends, though it won’t be until episode 10 that you meet her. Speaking of which! I need to go release that episode for today… *scuttles*

Watch on seri-plays.tumblr.com

Seri Sims! Episode Three: Natalie Throws A Party

Welcome to Seri Sims, a story-telling focused Sims 2 Let’s Play centered on the budding science community of Ledesia! Follow along as the community grows from its humble origins into a city of science, robots, and mysterious experiments! 

In this episode we visit with Natalie Greenheart, who has made some progress in her garden and finally got those tomato seeds in the ground! To celebrate she has decided to throw a party and invite over some of her new friends! Who will show up and what will they get up to during the party?

Watch on seri-plays.tumblr.com

Seri Sims! Episode Two: Tomato Seed Money

Welcome to Seri Sims, a story-telling focused Sims 2 Let’s Play centered on the budding science community of Ledesia! Follow along as the community grows from its humble origins into a city of science, robots, and mysterious experiments!

In this episode we follow Natalie Greenheart around as the hopeful organic farmer tries to earn enough money for her first tomato seeds. She heads to Oak Grove to work in the Simeity Vintage Theater, where many an interesting encounter occurs!

[Note! My novice status caused me to lose an entire episode before this one! Please excuse references to events that have occurred that you have no clue about - I’ll be more careful in the future! ALSO! There is a jump in the middle of the video that was a novice attempt at editing. My apologies! I’m learning as I go and having a great time doing so.]


Things over at the Sango household were reaching a rather chaotic level - kitchen fires, endless howling of baby puppies trying out their lungs, half-eaten newspapers, several puddles of puppy pee… 

More than once Jessica questioned her decision to breed her corgis as part of her life’s passion, but after the exhaustion had reached a point of numbness she took comfort in the puppies adorable tiny toes and friendly faces. 

As a side note, after starting the first household fire in Ledesia, Erica Eureka announced that free Fire Safety courses would be offered at the local library on a regular basis. 


With both their expectations laid out clearly in front of them, the logical thing seemed to be to move forward with their relationship. It may still be a while before they married, but each found a comfort in knowing the time was coming sooner than later.

Felicity was positive that she had never worked so hard in her entire life. As soon as she woke up every day she threw on her clothes and rushed out the door to get to work. The “little” clothing store that she and her room-mate/business partner Louise Stewart had opened wasn’t exactly little anymore - in fact, it was pulling in quite a lot of money by now and had expanded several times.

In a matter of a few months Felicity had gone from spending the long wait-times between new customers daydreaming, jump-roping, and idly chatting with the neighborhood teenagers to eating, breathing, and sleeping the expanding business model of LEAF Designs

While Louise was managing the accounting and legal side of things it was Felicity’s break-through designs in new clothing materials - which, ironically, she had designed in college and just never gotten around to patenting or putting on the market - that had awarded their little shop quite a few large local grants and helped it flourish into the respectable business it was today. 

Of course being in charge of a large, successful business that was ranking in thousands every day should be reason for endless celebration… right?


Finally getting further with the building in the new Ledesia ‘hood! All of the Eureka clan’s homes are built now! 

This is going to be Evelyn Eureka’s home that she’ll share with her two wee ones! To the left there you can see the sunflower fields (with gazebo) that she had put in next to her home. 

It’s a fun, interesting challenge to build “modern” style homes… it can be kinda hard, especially in finding color-balance and shape-balance, but I’m really enjoying what is showing up so far!