Pig Pen BBQ in Lebanon, Missouri

The next time you are in the “Aluminum Fishing Boat Capitol of the World”, you should stop in and visit Pig Pen BBQ.  The local crowd seemed to all know each other and a local fisherman told me visiting Pig Pen “isn’t like visiting a restaurant - it’s more like coming home for dinner.”  Maybe, if you live with a Mardi Gras celebrating bear concerned about spilling food on himself as he cooks.

Small enough to provide individual attention to everything it serves, Pig Pen bakes pies daily and tosses it’s cole slaw to order.  Pig Pen considers it’s style to be a little bit of a mishmash of different barbecue varieties, but their Carolina roots stood out to me.  

If you have been following the Barbecue Rankings Tour closely, you may have noticed that most of my praise has been given to ribs, brisket, burnt ends, sides, sauces and even sausage.  Despite pulled pork being the number one seller at most barbecue restaurants, it has largely been absent from barbecuerankings.com…until today.  Better than anything I found in Kansas City and St. Louis, I can say that this is the best pulled pork I have had to date on the Barbecue Rankings Tour.  Pulled from the small end of a boneless pork loin, the white pork is lean and not greasy.  Lightly sauced to add flavor without overwhelming the meat, it’s pork perfection.  The sandwiches are served on buns from a local bakery and so large most people will probably not finish one.  

I was also quite fond of their house sauce.  Despite it originating from a family recipe in the Carolina’s, it’s a well rounded, blended sauce that goes well with any sort of barbecue.  

I have a feeling plenty of places down south will think that they can top this pulled pork and I’ll be happy to oblige them and find out!

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