The Signs as Parks and Rec Characters

Aries: Leslie Knope. You’re a born leader, ambitious and opinionated — but sometimes you can be impulsive and over-the-top. Keep your head in check and you can take over the world.

Taurus:  Mark Brendanawicz. You’re sensible and down-to-earth. Because you’re a generous person, people often take advantage of you. But it doesn’t matter, you don’t sweat the petty stuff. If you are upset, you just leave.

Gemini: Jean-Ralphio Saperstein. You’re energetic, fun, and love to talk! It’s hard for you to settle down because you love variety. People may misinterpret your quick wit as rude, but they don’t understand your dynamic personality. Just sing it out.

Cancer: Ann Perkins.You’re caring and loyal, the perfect recipe for a great best friend. Although you know how to go with the flow, you’d rather make changes on your own terms. Nonetheless, you’re happiest in a tight-knit group of friends.

Leo: Chris Traeger. You’re confident — for good reason. People are attracted to you because of your lightheartedness and zest for life. Your enthusiasm can sometimes overwhelm others. But you’re not lonely, you have you.

Virgo: Ben Wyatt.You’re a crowd-pleaser, but know how to lead others. When you put your intelligence to use, things get done. While you may seem calm and collected on the outside, on the inside, you can be a nervous wreck. Channel that emotion into your passions and you’ll go far.

Libra: Andy Dwyer. You’re optimistic and sociable, a real people person. You love excitement and adventure, but you can be kind of lazy, too. Don’t worry, everyone loves you — as long as you’re not entrusted with making any big decisions. Oh, and you’re allergic to jerks.

Scorpio: Donna Meagle.You’re a strong individual who can achieve anything you put your mind to and never gives up. Sure, you may have some secrets, but that gives you an extra edge. Just try not to let your domineering tendencies get in the way.

Sagittarius: April Ludgate-Dwyer. You’re unique and adventurous, a person who values freedom. Since you’re a free spirit, you can be reckless. People may sometimes perceive you as insensitive, but they just don’t know you well enough.

Capricorn: Ronald Ulysses Swanson. You’re a resourceful hard worker who doesn’t need any help. While your straightforward nature may sometimes get mistaken for stubbornness, we all know you’re really a kind, loyal friend.

Aquarius: Tom Haverford. You’re clever and original, a true trendsetter. When you have a vision, you achieve it. After all, sometimes you gotta work a little, so you can ball a lot. Just don’t let your wild ideas get you in trouble.

Pisces: Jerry/Larry/Terry/Gary/Garry Gergich. You’re a compassionate, loving person — even when others may not appreciate you. Sometimes your marbles are full of mouth, but that doesn’t stop you from trying to help others. It’s all good as long as you have the support of your warm and surprisingly attractive family.

So there’s this post going around about the ‘soulmate mark’ trope where instead of the first words your soulmate says to you being tattooed on your body, it’s the last words. 

And yeah. Bilbo’s would be, “This world would be a merrier place,” and that’s heartbreaking. 

But imagine Thorin, who’s lived his entire life with the words, “No no no! No Thorin don’t dare!” and as his world goes dark he hears them on Bilbo’s lips and he knows what he’s leaving behind. 

{The Gardener’s Coming To Collect} || A Nick Cutler/Rachel Cutler/Hal Yorke fanmix

A mix for an insecure boy with a delusion of grandeur, who had been noticed and poisoned by a bored, shallow monster, who needed new pieces for his game of chessboard with human souls, and a wife who loved too much and stood on the way.  A girl meets a boy, they fell in love and then life happens. Correction: death comes to collect: ambitions blind a boy, a girl becomes collateral damage and monster sucks the boy dry spitting out a mirror image of his broken self.

vanessa carlton ordinary day  ||  the anomalies employee of the month  || jean-yves thibaudet credits  || the cure burn  || the dresden dolls the gardener  ||  chris vrenna taking tea in dreamland  ||  thom yorke skip divided  ||  muse citizen erased  || junior boys double shadow  || unkle lonely soul  || the heavy who needs the sunshine || kele okereke new rules

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You can’t leave your mark like this
curled up in chaos
of scrunched up papers and pizza boxes
surrounded by the smell of old socks and wine
or was it cheese
or is it both?

The only marks this leaves
are on the scales (had you some)
and your skin in red and blue smears
(ketchup and bruises)
and in your mind (ineffaceable spots of black)
over forgotten words and voices
colours and touch that never come back


“WANDER while you EXIST” 

is like a tagline I made for the novel All the Bright Places by jenniferniven. All throughout the book, it demands you to get your ass off and wander; explore the places you never thought you would while you exist and leave a mark before you float away into the vastness of the world.

“…This is the way I feel right now. Like Pluto and Jupiter are aligned with the Earth and I am floating.” 

is like the best quote I’ve come across the entire novel. It’s sweet and super nakakakilig. I also think this quote should be the “Okay? Okay.” or the “She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t suppose d to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something” of this book. For me this quote will always be the quote known when you say allthebrightplaces.

All the Bright Places Book Review

I don’t know Shonda’s plan in the long term, but so far what she’s been leading for them is a beautiful relationship with a very profound foundation. She’s allowed both of these tortured, wounded and scarred people to find in one another a safe, quiet place to be as broken as they are. In a world and work environment where so much stock is put in efficiency and being useful and an economically viable member of our society, having any evidence of damage or pain or brokenness is a liability — both at work and in terms of our identity. Finding someone who quietly understands and accepts that life sometimes leaves a mark is really valuable on a soul level — either in a friend, lover or partner. Having relationships in your life that acknowledge and affirm that is really viable and they’ve found that in one another.
—  Caterina Scorsone on why Owen is right for Amelia. 

These mornings,
these Tuesday mornings

- with green tea and oatmeal

remind me of purple horizons,
of golden sands,
of isolated islands, 
of places I’ve never been.

I want to take both maps
from my wall,
fold them small,
go out
and into the garden

before the rain
before the crowd
before the people of this town
know your name

and hold high 
in this age of eyes
every manuscript
I’ve ever written
about you
and leave upon this world,
upon this garden:

a mark of your excellence,
of your courage,
and of your laughter.

—  In the Age Of Eyes by J. Harris

“Are you ready to speak Natsu?”

Nodding his head and walking to stand in front everyone. He knew he wasn’t ready. Who could ever be ready to give their friends memorial?

“In the end she left scars on all our hearts,

She always did want to leave her mark on the world…

But the world won’t be the same with you Lucy.

The stars won’t shine against the dark sky,

The sun will never be quite as bright.

I don’t even know if I will ever truly smile again.

Why did it have to be you?

You never hurt anyone without feeling guilty.

You could never hold a grudge.

Your smile could brighten up the darkest of days.

You loved everyone with all your heart.

But I guess your heart really was too big,

Considering it caused your death…”

Natsu paused to catch his breath, he knew he was going to break down soon.

“I don’t understand Lucy,

We promised forever!

We were all going to be a big happy guild remember?”

The tears streamed relentlessly down his face.

“You were the one who was going to stay with me forever.

You were the one I need to be with

You are the person that I-I-I…”

He paused looking at the faces of his guild mates, well the ones who weren’t covering their faces with their hands shaking from sobs.

“You are the one I love Lucy, with all my heart.”

It was then Natsu, the great Salamander broke, his heart wrenching cries echoed around his friends.

None of the scars on his body could compare to the one on his already wounded heart. Some people got up to comfort him, but he knew their attempts wouldn’t help.

No amount of anything could help him.

What is the point of living if your reason for breathing is gone?

Authors Note: They say time heals all wounds…But isn’t love supposed to be endless?

Question Marks and devious Semikoli.

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean. A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences fly into your mouth. 

Even the all-powerful Pointing has no control about the blind texts it is an almost unorthographic life One day however a small line of blind text by the name of Lorem Ipsum decided to leave for the far World of Grammar. The Big Oxmox advised her not to do so, because there were thousands of bad Commas, wild Question Marks and devious Semikoli, but the Little Blind Text didn’t listen.

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You jump around the world like you’re a cursor and I’m just a walking display of Google maps here for your pleasure.

Click, drag, and drop.

Click–There it, that monthly text I receive from you.

Drag–Oh is the weight of my heart too much for you to handle? Is it leaving those ugly marks on the perfect pavement when you trail it behind you? Let me help you out, I’ll make sure to carry my own weight from now on.

Drop–Just when I think I’m getting over you, you’ll come strolling back to me. Yep, here I am. Miss me, babe?
You don’t need anyone, don’t need to worry about anything. Instead of your head spiraling in a thousand wayward directions you’ll escape in a million more and damn girl, you’re lucky because if I could escape myself so easily I would be on the next plane out of the country along with you.


of course I damn well need you


anonymous asked:

what's your job rn, why don't you like it as you said and what do you think which job would make you happy?

i work at a clothing store at the moment but i’m not going to do that forever because i want to make a difference in this world, make art even if nobody cares, i want to save a life and leave a mark behind when i’m no longer here

anonymous asked:

This blog is the epitome of what I want out of life. Even though I have a few years before the opportunities sprout to go out and live a simpler, beautiful life that you have encompassed in this blog. Your blog makes me eager and yearning for my time to go out and let the world leave a mark on me in this beautiful life that only people have made complicated. What places have left their mark on you?

This may sound that I am not authentic anymore but every time I go somewhere, doesn’t really matter whether I go on a music festival, go to the other city for a weekend or go sailing I am trying to be influenced by all those things that surround me in that particular moment and particular time. That’s the escape from my routine. I think that this is the most imporant thing. Escaping from your comfort zone, from the routine you’ve created during all those past years sitting in one place. 
To be honest I don’t travel right now. In the past three months I was on a weekend trip and that’s all but I am graduating in a month and then I’ll see what my life will bring to me. I really appreciate that you are inspired by the photo collection that I’ve created and I still create. I used to read a lot and watch a lot. That’s the base of my inspirations that you can find now on my blog. 
Hope that I answered on your question and thank you for all those kind words. 
Maybe we gonna meet each other on the road some day. Cheers :)

you held my world in your palms;

fought the cold and rubbed them

raw, trying to make fire out of

bones too weak to hold the deafening

echo of your name.

we sang for shelter, pulling the

last hot sighs from our lips until 

my skin was chapped and the

sun fell below our knees.

we used to pray for rain, the

first sign of spring leaving my

footprints on the concrete -

the only mark i’ll ever leave,

even though it will never be permanent.

MY Brother told me find your niche
whats not
find your niche
whats not
find your place
whats not
find, find your part
whats not
pay, pays your bills
pay, pays your fines
whats not
im so stupid
whats not
don’t worry,
whats not?
dan it
sand it
drink it
your a high fan
whats not?
you’re a high  man
whats not?
you’re ego
whats not?
not to offend
whats not?
not to attend
what not?
Chris rock it
you send it
what not?
test to a abreast
whats not?
I too attain
what not?
sober to
a brain.
i trot
I skip a line
what’s not?
no help
a frame
what not?
get on plane
what not?
imma a fake
whats not?
i’m hurt
whats not?
I’m at a break
whats knot?
marijuana is my measure
whats not
got me sad
am I smart?
mad’s too expensive
theory i gave up on you,I paid for you
i’s so so stupid
I am black
dark at the the night the night
i denied you
i punched you.
I’m sorry
am I wrong?

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

I’m sorry I got a 60 and under I’m sorry
i tried  
did I?
i’m fractured
Im’ broken
I’m sorry if I’m grammatically incorrect
i;m sorry
birds got me twisted
it will never happen again
I’m sorry
i won’t fail you
eddy can drive
why can’t I?

(charming pic from Inversidom-Riot)


You lit the tip of my cigarettes

with your tail.   I bent over

and put my face right up against

your bunson burner butt.

That was when I tried to smoke.

I listened to Eminem, and came home late.

You were there when I tried

to drink vodka and threw up

everywhere.  You walked me home,

a little bipedal lizard leading

a drunken teenage boy.  You leave

scorch marks in the backyard.

burn the wood sides of the house

before the adventure began.

and now we climb through landscapes,

climb down into the mouths of caves

and up into the skies living room.

I used to walk in front of you

but now I we walk in time.

My footfall slow, deliberate.

Your legs that bounce your body

like a metronome.  I check your teeth

for cavities, and scrub your skin

until the creamsicle hue

is glistening in the sun.

I chose you so that you and I

could light the world on fire,

so we would leave a path of ash

wherever it was we roamed.

instead I’ve melted down inside

your little fire belly, insides hot

and gooey, dripping parmesan.

I thought that I would harden

like a pot with glaze.  Instead

I’ve turned into a morsel,

a treat.  I’ve turned into a smores,

the ones we sit around and eat

while you stoke the fire

with your tail, and I grab fire wood,

and then you sing your circle song

while I listen, breaking branches

against my knee, the cool grass

feeling rather pleasant up against

the fire you are making,

the fire that you are.

I am writing a chapbook of pokemon poetry.  There will be a red version, and a blue version.

taylor i dont know much else to say…
ive been through a situation like this with my mum, although thankfully she only had skin cancer so it was much more easy to remove and treat…
one of my best friends was diagnosed with cancer when she was a little girl and she beat it a few years later. although i wasnt there for the process, over the years ive known her ive seen the mark it leaves, so big on someones life. its such an emotional time, such a significant time in Andreas life and everyone surrounding her and i want you to know that we are all here for you, millions and millions and millions of people all around the world are here for you, were your shoulder to cry on when it gets too much and even if you dont want to, even if you want to whole up in a room somewhere and just not face anything we understand that. cancel or postpone as many tour dates, as many performances or interviews as you want because really all that matters at this time is your mums health and your familys support. this is something that, no matter how famous or wealthy or what social class your in, it effects everyone. everyone in some way shape or form is touched by this disease and its something that we all have to face head on because theres no denying it once its here. everyone understands your emotions at this point taylor, what we probably dont understand, is the way you will have to do this in the spotlight of the whole world. this is an amazing thing your doing, truly letting us in, truly letting us see the ‘behind the scenes’, truly letting us get to know you and connect with you on a level thats so personal, some people dont even tell their closest friends. and if all that starts to backfire, well, thats what were here for. we fought battles with you once before we can sure as hell do it again, thats our job in this situation taylor, dont even worry about the media side of things, we got it all covered ;)
i really do hope this ends well bc Andrea is the most kick ass mum i have ever known and theres no way some implement is gonna change that

i love you, we love you,
forever and always.