Puleeeeeeeeeeeze stop it! I’m tired of em. .. #LeaveThemBe

Y’all mad cause she stayed and defending her man smh…Regardless of if she stayed on not, they been dealing with this since it happened and to now have it get worse because people want to see them fail. They both said their peace and been trying to move on from it until that video. If it ain’t your business stop judging people. Just make sure don’t nobody beat on yo ass damn! #LeaveThemBe #RayRice #PrayersForJanay

Journal #2: Let Them Be Happy.

Let’s rant. 

Perhaps this is my own self conscious thoughts playing mind tricks on me, but I have come to the inevitable conclusion that our image of a perfect world is very possible; but we are our own obstacles, we are in fact our own worst enemies. Now, let me elaborate. 

Philosophers of different centuries, different nations have come to a theory that every human in this world is born naturally good, and over time we are corrupted. But then others believe that we are naturally evil. Who’s right? Or, is there even a correct answer? 

In my eyes, we are born with both. We are born with a conscious, the inevitable good inside us all, but in addition we are also given the immense sense of duplicity that we cannot deny. In nearly every motivation for wrong doing, what is at the source? Anger that one has what the other does not? Fear that the other has more power than the other? 

The problem with the mindset of the human race is that we, as people, cannot let one another be happy. We simply do not allow it, and for no other reason than the fact that it’s “not fair”. It’s “not fair” that he’s got this, she’s got that; they can do this and that. 

Can you imagine a world where we leave each other be, let one another be happy? How many wars could have been avoided? How many more married couples would there be? How many friends would everyone have? Why do we feel the need to change things because someone else could be happy?