It’s really funny how the life turned out to be within a couple months.

I am now having leave of absence from school because I wanted to have an internship. Somehow the internship plan is being tougher than I imagined. I am not specifically aiming for big companies like Samsung or Doosan. It is tough to get into due to the fierce competition and more importantly, I haven’t prepared anything for those companies. (There are many “processes” which should be prepared beforehand in Korea as some of those who concerns know.)

To get to the point, from the beginning of the university life, I never ever thought I wasted my time. Alright, I DID FOR SOME. But, I don’t regret on the choices that I’ve made so far. I enjoyed. I had fun so much. I also learned the life. I realize how much I became mentally stronger than before and be more mature. Now, I am being weakened. The society itself is so harsh to me to put the standard of other people who are prepared for a long time to achieve their goal: getting into a company. (It also means they have built “spec”.)

I thought I was enough to do “something”. See how funny the life is? I was brave enough to face the reality, but I’m no different with others who go through the hardship.

Gotta get back to myself.