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Ok, but I am really disappointed we didn’t get to see the goodbye scene before Bellamy left for Mount Weather. I needed to see him and Clarke say goodbye.

Clarke trying to hold back, because “Love is weakness”, and him just saying he’ll be okay. That he’ll save their people and come back. Clarke saying “I know. I trust you.”

Clarke looking at him in grounder garbs and thinking “hot damn”. 

Clarke giving him the map for inside Mount Weather.

Bellamy telling her to be careful, because he won’t be there to help. 

Bellamy finally leaving, but looking back at Clarke until he can’t see her anymore. And Clarke doing the same.

I really needed that scene. 

i am chansoo trash

Tittle: I See You Choke, And It Takes My Breath Away♥
Pairing: Chanyeol/Kyungsoo (ft. cute baby jonginnie)
Word Count: 1,183
Summary: Chanyeol is very affectionate, Kyungsoo likes making death threats
note: @tofffuu made a thingand i got inspired to write chanyeol being chanyeol and kyungsoo being satan. 

I adore thea I’m sorry. I know a lot of people hate her but I love her. even when she’s breaking my baby’s heart (and you all know how protective I am of that lil pumpkin’s heart) but like literally all the things she’s done that make people hate her are because everyone is always lying to her. no one is telling her the truth about anything EVER. what good is it that oliver went and took on what’s his face for her if it wasn’t HER decision? I mean yes it was a big sacrifice but Thea deserves to know what she did and what Malcolm has been doing to her and she deserved to have made her own choice about it. At this point she deserves to at least know where the shit oliver is and who he is and what he did for her. Thea needs to stop being lied to by literally every single character because how the fuck is she supposed to react rationally or in a way we’re going to sympathize with when no one is telling her anything?
Start respecting Thea Queen as a fucking grown ass woman who can handle the truth 2K15

lmao in the past 2 hours I’ve gotten 4 anon messages about how im a fat shamer and how I have thin privilege and how I don’t have an opinion on the matter because I’m thin (????) like shit people on this website need to chill holy fuck I made a post about how Meghan Trainor sucks and glorifies eating disorders and then mentioned my opinion on her song never once did I say thin people deserve more songs or representation in the media because that’s ridiculous, so get off my ass and stop sending me shit about me being thin

ok but stop trying to invalidate folks talking about their mental illness online just bc u feel from ur personal experience that how they act is confusing + doesnt fit into ur cookie cutter perception of how it “should” affect a person like im serious  what the fuck is wrong w u ppl stop gatekeeping folks in this do u not realize u are literally actively discouraging ppl from seeking help? often times very young ppl? and often times v serious medical help? its gross