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who do you ship the girls with? 1D, x factor, or otherwise

CAMARRY AND ARMANI ARE MY FAVES I LOVE THEM SO MUCH THEY ARE LIKE OTPS. then hmm… i like lauren/keaton too… WAIT NO LAUREN AND LIAM! OR LAUREN AND ZAYN IDK SHE LITERALLY LOOKS GOOD WITH EVERYONE but i like her with keaton or liam most. idk for ally and dinah i kinda like ally/zayn but they are like brother and sister which is awks so maybe her and drew? not sure really… and dinah idk she’s too cool for everyone so far haha. so maybe dilly? :p

shit bye i have work at 11 tmo frick me n0 buT kea10
u guys should ship me and keat all da way

keatsy or
Or or
Or or or

oH i like Leaton cries

Yep okay leaton dats da ship bless dis