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I followed the link to those maquettes/statues and is it just me, or does the baby kaiju have Leatherback's head crest?


At first I was yea, I see it then I looked at otachi

Each Kaiju is it’s own species. The predecessors collected apex predators from different worlds and genetically enhanced them. Like maybe the original Leatherback species didn’t have the emp generator but once newt drifted with the hive they concluded LB would be the best body to have the emp, the same could be for Otachi and all other’s that came after Multivore. The predecessor adapted the hivemind to best attack the humans and their defenses.

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Muse finds themselves in mun’s world where only the mun can see them.




This wasn’t real. This really wasn’t fucking happening … was it? “No, I’m not crazy.”

The sound of a Kaiju dropping out of thin air, how do you really even explain that? Fingers snatched at her headphones, she’d heard sounds before but this was too fucking loud. It could have been one of the crop dusters or an air show. Those jets always flew lower than they should have. She leaned forward pinching at the blinds and froze.

Hand snatched back, this wasn’t really fucking happening. She jumped up now, pushing the blinds out of the window completely. “FUCKING—WHAT-THE—NO!” If the window was open she would have fell out with how hard she was pressing into it.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Shit.” Pants wouldn’t work, what were shoes even?!

Dazed, brown eyes stared up suddenly outside; the sprint from room to porch was really a blur. All she could do was look up and up and up. Where were the screams and the panic, did no one see this fucking thing? Darrien gazed up the street then down the stree, each house quiet, kids still playing, screaming, needing supervision.

Apparently not.

It moved.

“Nope.” She stepped back into the house locking the door, as if that would really stop a 3000 ton- kaiju-gorilla-thing. Still locking the door seemed best.


Why was it still here? It’d been a week and by now she was positive crazy didn’t begin describe how she as feeling. It—Leatherback did nothing but lounge and bark and hover whenever the whining got to her and she came outside.

Then it happened again.

Two kaiju, really?!

series: … idunno I like Doctor Who and SPN and Sherlock. I wish I caught more Gravity Falls. There’s there’s Bonanaza. It’s an old western but look at me Bonanaza is the shit.

Movie (Besides Pacific Rim ): The Devils Double like the MOVIE IS FUCKING INSANE. more people need to see it. 

fucking Hamlet, that shit is insane and i was the only one in class that knew what was going on besides the teacher. BUT THE FUCKING PART WHERE HAMLET THROWS HIS SWORD DOWN AND IS LIKE NO I’M NOT FIGHTING YOU are you shitting me right now hamlet how are you even going to defend yer self?! sthap

wait wait i just remembered CHOKE. it’s about a sex addict to get the ball rolling. His moms dying ( also I’ve read the book and both are crazy ) but she doesn’t remember him and the whole movie he’s trying to get her to recolonize him cause she says her son doesn’t come visit her.  So long story short he accidentally kills her with pudding cause he’s dying too cause he’s got these butt plugs stuck and he can’t poop and it’s just … Go watch it. 

Then there’s fucking Othello, holly shit I walked into that shit storm blind the first time I saw it.