Many motorcycles are adorned with airbrushed art based on motifs found in traditional tattoos, but this motorcycle has actually gone under the needle itself. Behold the altered awesomeness that is The Recidivist, the world’s first tattooed motorcycle. Polish tattoo artists Tomasz Lech and Krzysztof Krolak spent 250 hours using Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment to tattoo traditional designs onto the pale leather that covers the wheels, tank, seat, rear fender and other smaller elements of this striking motorcycle. The project was commissioned by Polish custom motorcycle shop Game Over Cycles.

“This is by far the most complicated bike we’ve constructed so far,” the Polish company posted on their Facebook page. “To tattoo the bike is one thing, but to include the construction elements that draw from the look of tattoo machines and make them fully operational units was some challenge.”

 “Bikers often tattooed using self-made machines and in reference to this, the bike’s front suspension has the look of a traditional coil tattoo machine,” they wrote. “The motorcycle’s construction will also include other elements that draw from the look of tattoo machines. All of these parts still being fully operational elements of bike’s construction, and the mechanisms of these elements will operate in the same way as they do in the original tattoo machines.”

Click here for more images and here for a behind the scene process video.

[via Oddity Central and Cheyenne Bike]