We all know that we are just passing by in this reality. We know that we are born and that we shall die. And even though know we these things, all of our attention is focused on material needs and the health of our bodies; we are ignoring the fact that our souls are the ones to continue this infinite journey long after we depart from our physical lives. Learning our lessons and becoming better people as we pass by, these are the things that our souls take with us beyond this life.
—  Carolina Zacaria
Fun English Words: Frank


  1. Adj, straightforward; sincere; honest

Pronunciation: frank

Origin: Old French

Comes from the Old French “franc,” meaning free. The connotation is that only Franks, the conquering class at the time this word originated, had the status as freedmen.

Example: Amanda was very frank in her criticisms of the project. She left many people in tears.

I’m usually relatively philosophical in my perspective on #love…
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• Sincerely though, “Through #humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that #life delivers. And once you find #laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can #survive it.” - Bill Cosby •
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The Old Ones Remember

In addition to their unparalleled powers of camouflage, octopuses are equipped with incredible powers of the mind.

Octopuses have evolved a brain and central nervous system comparable to that of vertebrates, endowing these creatures with the ability to learn through observation, and form long-term memories of their experiences. 

The remarkable mental faculties of octopuses, the most advanced among all invertebrates, has made them ideal subjects for research on neurobiology. Scientists continue to call upon the knowledge of the Old Ones study these amazing cephalopods to discover more about the processes of learning and memory.

image source: Portland Aquarium website

reference: Hochner et al. 2006.