Studying, done right, can be the most rewarding of all activites.
It is stimulating, but relaxing. You’re focused, but wandering through your mind.  Your mind is abuzz, but your body breathes slow. You’re alone, but in the company of millenia of thinking.
You pick something up, take it apart and you make it your own. You’re literally assembling your future thoughts. You’re in control of how you will see the world.

You’re growing, but you’re raising yourself.

(by x)

Chinese words are often formed by combining two existing characters to form new meanings. Here a few examples of the some of the different ways that the Chinese word zhōng (中), meaning middle, can be used to form other words. If you want to learn more about zhōng, or other characters, then please take a look at our new Chinese Character Course, Lesson 3, 上,下, 中.

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There’s so much you can learn from one person. You can learn the pain behind their eyes, the mystery of ones brain, and the darkness in ones heart. You can learn their ways of life, their struggles, and how they deal with certain things. But there are things you don’t learn. You grow out of them.

We grow up not caring about what others think because there are others just like us. As we grow, we forget the ways we lived and that everyone is the same. Today, you can learn so much on the internet that we forget to give ourselves a reality check.

You learn new things about yourself when you walk away from social media. You do, however, learn more about your self-esteem, your mind, and how creative you can get by looking online.

I was looking through my feed today and found a post about a boy named Jamie, who loves to wear dresses, and can seriously strike a pose. He inspires you to be yourself no matter who tells you that you can’t. His sister is helping him to stay true to himself.

I follow thatsthat24 and the things he reblogs really inspire me to make certain changes in the way I portray myself. By that, I mean just staying true to myself and make sure your weirdness stands out. I’d seriously like to thank Thomas for that.

I challenge you to get off of social media for a few days. Take that time to find a new talent, try a different hobby, or maybe try to get in touch with your inner self. Trust me, you’ll learn a lot that way.

Totally Pruned (#wtsdevo everydayliving)

Read: John 15:1-2

I cannot speak up for you but purely out of my personal experiences, I have found out that it has almost become unavoidable to be pruned through each and every moment and experience that I live through. When I say prune, I don’t mean being pruned by someone or being pruned terribly under the sun here in Sydney. But what I mean is that I have started to notice that I learn something new through each and every new experience that I encounter.

When I started to notice this happening in my life, it reminded me of John 15:1-2.

Gardeners usually prune flowers, bushes, etc., just so that it will be all ready for its growth when the new seasons come by. Similarly, God prunes us too through experiences and learning moments in life just so that we will be prepared to go through a season of growth when it comes by.

I believe that with every season we go through, it is a season of pruning even if we don’t realize it. It might not be the most comfortable because by default, pruning is a rough process but ultimately it helps us learn and grow. And just so that you know, this process is forever an ongoing one. But fear not dear soul. This is simply God helping us in our journey as He takes us through moments He so eagerly desires for us.


Devotional Series: EverydayLiving(#wtsdevo everydayliving)

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My Future.

I had a difficult time with school. I always knew I was smarter than all the other kids, but my grades never reflected how smart I knew I was. That was when I decided to do something about it. I constantly see posts on Tumblr about how horrible the education system is; however, as Teddy Roosevelt would say, “Complaining about a problem without offering a solution is called whining.” I have spent the last four years researching and developing a plan to change how students will be taught. Children will learn to love learning once again. It is only a matter of time. I have many years to go, but please do not forget me when I eventually begin to change the world. I’m doing this for all the students who felt like a failure due to their grades. For the students who loved to learn, but knew that was not enough. For the future generation to become brilliant, well-functioning, independent thinkers. Cameron Frye, this one’s for you…