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Oc meme! 11 and 19! :D

11. Draw your OC with a silly face!

Hayato, Dhaval, Trevor and Leanna playing Outlast: Whistleblower. even Leanna can feel the pain from that particular scene


THIS IS HARD. T H IS I S HARD because there is like the canon octp and the for fun only octp… but Chase x Neil is the cutest for fun only octp

OC meme!

  • hairdresser:so how short do you want your hair to be?
  • me:oh just about here
  • hairdresser:oh no go abit shorter it will look better

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SILLY HAPPY SMUT PROMPT: after being injured from *enter thing here* andy doesnt leave garretts side and watches as he slips into a bit of a down streak. andy, being the supportive boyfriend decides to give him a morning surprise to try and cheer him up. garrett wants to protest, but "its what the doctor ordered...". Bonus points for a slutty nurse outfit :3

((I haven’t written College Age in a while. I”M SORRY!! Also, this ended up a lot more angsty and a lot less smutty than you asked for. SORRY AGAIN!!

Special thanks to daydreamsonacloudyday officialvarrictethras experimentalmadness and thegethwarden (I think that’s Arrow’s new url) for use of their characters.))

Isabel stared at the crowd of people gathered in the backyard, chewing on her lip anxiously. Shrieks of laughter and a loud splash erupted from the pool, loud thumping bass from the stereo nearly drowning it out as someone finally figured out the expensive equipment. She felt someone move up behind her, an arm sliding around her waist as Alistair leaned in and pressed a kiss to her cheek.

“Relax, Izzy,” he chuckled. “Everything’s gonna be fine.” He offered her a glass of wine and she gratefully accepted, eyes flickering up to his.

“Just… I didn’t expect so many people to show up. Who are all these people?”

He laughed and shrugged. “You know how college parties are. If anyone gets wind of it, everyone hears about it. It’ll be fine, I promise.” He leaned in to kiss her when agitated shouting erupted from outside, audible even over the music. They broke away with a start and ran outside to see what the commotion was.

A group of students were standing on the sidewalk, their eyes riveted on something on the roof. Or rather, someone. Somehow, Garrett Hawke had managed to climb up onto the first story roof, a bottle of beer clutched in one hand. Isabel’s hand flew to her mouth, eyes wide.

“If I can do three backflips to the pool, I get to drive your car!” Garrett shouted down.

A tall girl with short red hair and a wealth of freckles shouted back. “I don’t care how many sick backflips you do, you’re not driving my car!” Had Isabel’s eyes not been staring at the dark-haired troublemaker in horror, she would have recognized the girl as her distant cousin, Leanna.

“Garret, please come back down here before you break your neck,” Anders called up, a nervous strain evident in his voice.

“Garrett, you idiot, get down here!” tiny Yael bellowed up at her friend.

Garrett gave a much put upon sigh. “You guys never let me have any fun,” he whined.

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Happy Birthday Leanna~ I’m sorry that took so long, it’s been kind of hectic. But happy birthday!

I’m so glad that we’ve kept in touch over the years, and we’ve found ways to keep in contact even when at times it seemed impossible. You’re a very good friend, and I’m glad to call  you my friend!