• hairdresser:so how short do you want your hair to be?
  • me:oh just about here
  • hairdresser:oh no go abit shorter it will look better

dashokeypokey asked:

aw it was a typo, it would be amazing if trevor was friends with himself omg can u imagine him introducing himself like "hi everyone, im trevor. and let me introduce my friend, the prettiest person I have ever met and I don’t understand why no one likes him. I like him. I love him. I may or may not be him." (quote from someone else on tumblr but how perfect is it)

HE WILL DO THAT YES. but realistically everybody will shit their pants when they’re introduced to two Trevors:

Trevor(s) might be all (unnerving) smiles and snark but dammit they have feelings!!

… and that’s how Trevor ends his meeting with his “long-lost brother”

asdfg it’s been so long since i drew on paper im sorry for the horrible messiness and stuff