Holy shit, new songs!

REMINDER TO BE SUPER CAREFUL ABOUT POSTING/REBLOGGING ANY LEAKED MUSIC - Sony went after people HARD last time and a lot of people had their blogs deleted.

Don’t risk it!

I think some people are not getting the shady part.

A twitter user got the four deluxe songs… doesn’t explain how (“I had set google alerts for leaks”… okay? and??). In the midst of “uploading the songs to my drive” they say “BTW who do you ship? I ship Larry”. Then tweets the links. Then this blog, which was created THREE DAYS before the leaks, meaning: they didn’t have a way of knowing the album would leak, hence, creating a new blog to not get deleted, posts the links first. This same blog makes it clear that they ship Larry too and makes a new post, with tags to announce that there is a new blog that ships Larry with all the tags for the boys, Larry and One Direction. This was on Monday as well. Fourteen posts on Monday, one post on Tuesday, the rest of them today.

You know, regular stuff.

pinupprincesshaz asked:

Im actually really confused about the promo post the yahoo sun and radio 1 could you exlain it more to me. Im so sorry. What does it mean. I also saw someone who reblogged it was scared why are they scared about it? Sorry for being stupid :(

Because those are media outlets that are really close to the guys. And the three of them asked, in OT5 interviews (there weren’t that many!) about the iCloud leaks.

The three interviews were held on October 29th, and the leaks happened IN AUGUST 31ST? Like? It’s not a relevant topic anymore, and they got asked the same question three times in three interviews the same day, by media outlets that have worked closely with their team:

  • BBCR1 releases most of their singles and got TWO OT5 interviews this year.
  • The Sun works closely with their PR company, to the point were the amount of covers they got was in HJPR’s website for some time, they also got two OT5 interviews this year.
  • Yahoo got a long ass OT5 interview and helped hide a gif in their site to promote Steal My Girl.

Why are all these close media outlets asking the same irrelevant and random question the same day?



DON’T GET EXCITED FOLKS.  We’re not too optimistic on this one.

Yes, we’ve seen this floating around on the internet a bit. According to the supposed leak, a remake of all three MOTHER games is in the works.

And as much as we horribly, desperately want this to be real… It doesn’t look that way. As far as we can tell, the rumors first sprang from this Reddit thread. The fact that it’s an incredibly easy to make text leak and that the thread was made by a brand new account seem incredibly suspicious. Not to mention the various problems pointed out in the Reddit thread itself.

Sorry guys, we’d love to see anything new from the MOTHER franchise… But this just ain’t it. :/