The Devil Makes Tampons

U By Kotex Security ..

These were the tampons I used for my period two months ago. My first time ever using a tampon.

When I saw the regular size I thought they were massive, but I brushed it off because I’ve never used one so I assumed they were all that size. It took a lot to get them in, but getting it out was highly uncomfortable.

I can only compare it to how I imagine pulling out a scouring pad would feel. I just thought I was doing something wrong or not waiting until they were full enough.

Then I found a blog post by a lady whose daughter got one of these contraptions stuck inside her. She shared photos of the tampon which made me understand completely why it felt like hell coming out.

This month I used Tampax Pearl and aside from being able to feel the leakguard braid, it was a delightful experience. It was much smaller, went in easily within seconds, and when I took it out I barely felt it.

I will never use Kotex security again and I’ve thrown the box away so no visitors will use them either. To all my vaginismus sufferers, please stay away from this brand. I don’t want anyone suffering unneccessary trauma.

Here’s the link to the wonderful post and photos. :) http://wouldashoulda.com/2012/01/09/psa-kotex-security-tampons/