New champ select quote files on the PBE making me comfy to post this

New Future champ seems to be Ekko.

A leaker (we’ve had a few now) called out this…

GP update wasn’t EXACTLY correct, since we got Ryze (coulda been a confusion, such as if Ryze was finished faster) or they would mean next as in after ryze, ect

Neato! (Fuck this kid already tho i hate chronos ult..)


This is another video I need to save while working on a more detailed post. This is video of a natural gas plant in New Mexico showing what natural gas leaks actually look like. This is an infrared camera, so different temperatures of gas show up to the camera and different gas compositions can be picked out by the type of light being given off. Video cameras like these are being deployed by scientists and engineers to monitor and locate gas leaks that both contaminate the atmosphere and cost natural gas companies money.

Has Reddit Leaked Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door 3D For Nintendo 3DS?

Has Reddit Leaked Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door 3D For Nintendo 3DS?

Well, this is certainly interesting. A Reddit user has posted a teaser video for Paper Mario: The Thousand Door 3D for the Nintendo 3DS. The video has now been taken down but that hasn’t stopped people from posting some gifs from the aforementioned video. Who knows? It does look fairly believable, but I guess we won’t know for sure until the next Nintendo Direct. Then again, that Rayman leakfor…

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