Video of Week 3 in the making of North Fulton Drama Club’s Steampunk Tempest.

Music by: The Piano Guys. Check them out on YouTube - they are amazing. :)

If I had oodles of money I would be doing what Mark Hubbard has developed.

Justin and I were discussing what we would do if we ran our own business just days before LeahandMark.com posted the above interview.  We both really like the idea of building a business and running it our selves.  I grew up at my CPA father’s knee and I know the basics of running a business, while he has some serious drive and talent for management, especially in the IT space. We both have a deep love of music and art. What we came up with to combine all of these talents and loves was a physical space to cultivate delivery of art to today’s population.

I’ll be keeping an eye on Renew Social Ventures for the next few years. If things go well, maybe we can find a space in the world for Renew Social Ventures Detroit.