So I once wrote a fic that had a teeny, tiny influence on a minor aspect of Battlestar Galactica. Sort of.

wicked-sassy said: If anyone could pull it off, you could! You’re magical! Sometime I would love to know the story of how you found out they’d read it…


It’s kind of a long story, but I’ll try to condense it and still make sense.

Once upon a time, Tahmoh Penikett went to his very first fandom convention, Gatecon in Vancouver.  And I was there with some friends and we managed to fangirl all over him in a controlled and totally non-scary manner, during the course of which one of my friends mentioned that I wrote Helo fic.  And he said he wanted to read it.  And while I was quietly dying, said friend helpfully told him how to find it.  And he later told me that not only did he read some of it, but he sent the links to his dad, because his dad loves to read.  O_O

At yet another convention, this one dedicated to BSG, he recognized me from the first con and asked if I was still writing and told me he’d read “the one where they end up on the Cylon basestar with Leoben” (aka Rebirth).  BSG was more popular and there were more demands on his time, so we didn’t talk much more than that, but still…  O_O

Then I wrote a five times fic featuring Helo and frakking.  Ahem.  The fifth vignette was Helo/Racetrack.  Between Tahmoh reading my fic and me sending Leah Cairns (Racetrack) a fan letter by way of her agent after reading an interview where she said she and Racetrack didn’t get much love in the fandom, I got a letter from Leah thanking me and asking me permission to use that fic as part of her backstory for Racetrack.  O_O  (Of course, I said yes.)

THEN, she apparently gave an interview where she mentioned the she and Tahmoh were reading a fic at a party (or really, I’m assuming they were just talking about it, because who reads fic at a party?) and it was a romance between their characters by me.  They were getting ready to film Lay Down Your Burdens and talked to the director about playing their characters with this tension created by Racetrack having a crush on Helo, etc. and he said go for it, but she said all evidence of it ended up on the cutting room floor.  I learned about this one when someone on my LJ friends list heard the interview and recognized my somewhat mangled screenname.

Later yet, I found out that Racetrack having a crush on Helo is a noticeable part in a BSG computer game.

So that’s my story about how Leah came to know about my Helo/Racetrack fics.

(Sorry about the length.  I don’t know how to put this behind a “read more.”)

Seriously Hollander being trapped as Jessi’s handler when she didn’t sign up for this shit and essentially raising this superhuman teenaged girl, a superhuman teenaged girl with no socialization or life experience and no real understanding of how to deal with her emotions and desires

who doesn’t even truly understand morality or remorse or empathy yet but who wants to be good



so many


of times more interesting than ANYTHING ELSE ON THIS SHOW

it’s absurd.

It feels like a JOKE every time they change scenes to something that is NOT these two ladies trying to deal with their fucked up situations.

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