Emergency Commissions

Guys!!! I’ve come into a situation where I need funds urgently. I will open 3 slots per week so I can guarantee that the orders are delivered in time. Last time I took 45 slots and it was only this week that I finished the last one. That will not happen again. (If for some reason you didn’t receive a commission, note me. I have been having issues with notes since August, last year. D: ) 

It’s commission time! I accept only Paypal. I won’t use any other payment method, unless we can physically meet.
Prices below are both in US Dollars. 

Simple Shading

Fullbody $30  (additional character +$25)

Waist Up $25 (additional character +20)

Digital Soft Shaded

Fullbody $38 (additional character +$32)

Waist Up $32 (additional character +$25)

Chibi Style

$15 (additional character +$10)

Detailed Sketch

$15 (additional character +$10)

Traditional Full Color

Fullbody $30 (Additional character +$25) Example to be added Chibi/Half Body $15 (Additional character $10)

Sketch Dump

I thought it could be a good idea to have a character in 5-10 different positions to show poses or expressions. Colored or not. For each fullbody quick sketch it’d be around $5. We can negotiate about the price. Maybe anyone’s interested?

Additional Backgrounds

Note me, we’ll talk about the price depending on complexity. It can vary from $10 to $40.

 Send me a note with the title Commission with the following information:

  • Name of your character.
  • Reference. Preferably drawn, else written, and with photography or internet look-alikes.
  • Type of commission (the ones above)
  • Pose suggestion (or something specific you want the character(s) to do
  • Deadline if you have one.
  • Paypal account if you’re paying in dollars.

 I will reply telling you if I accept your commission, and will give you my paypal account. 

 I will start after receiving payment, and you will see the sketch. Changes must be done there.

 After it’s done, you will only be able to do minor changes. Not stuff like moving a whole limb, or changing an angle, please. D8

 Mechas, complex robots.

 Explicit stuff. 

 This time I won’t take animations or shimeji because they take up too much time. Sorry!

 Please understand, I change my style constantly, and if you want a drawing in a specific style, please let me know with a reference to one of my deviations. Else, I’ll just draw and have fun without actually caring for any style at all. Thank you!

(I felt really tempted do change that o for an u at some point) Week from January 29th 1.  2. 3. Week February 5th (you won’t have to pay yet) 4. 5. 6. Week February 12th (You won’t have to pay yet) 7. 8. 9.

If you can’t commission me, could you spread the word? *A*