Fuck Your Comfort Zone


Yeah, I said it.

FUCK your comfort zone. It does not deserve to exist. Annihilate that mothereffer.

All throughout your life, it’s always been the one thing that stands between who you are, and who you want to become. Every time an opportunity has come up to step out into uncharted territory, to do something that would fulfill your soul, it’s been the invisible hand that squeezes the back of your neck and pulls you back at the very last moment.

The power it holds over us is immense. It can stop us from trying out for something we want. It can make us stand up against the wall at the party instead of shuffling in the middle of a giant circle of people. It can prevent us from telling that stranger in the coffee shop that we want to know their name, and what they’re like. Though it’s invisible, the power it has over us is undeniably real.

But here’s the great thing about having an invisible foe: It’s like the bad guy from The Matrix. He’s all in your head. He does not physically exist in reality. And once you understand that, you can learn how to destroy him.

It’s important to understand that when it comes to overcoming fears, you can choose to live your life in one of two ways:

Either you control them, or they control you.

No matter what fear it is, the willingness to stare it in the face and take action without batting an eye will create a major detour in your life. It will take you off-road; away from the dreaded little cookie-cutter-box-store life that others have tried to squeeze you into, and into the wild and rugged terrain that you’ve always yearned to explore. The rules of the universe begin to bend differently for you, and a radiant and silent power begins building up inside where there was once only a sickening overflow of timidness and regret.

The key: Take baby steps. Achieve small victories.

Make a list of everything that you’ve always wanted to do, but you’ve always let fear hold you back from doing. And one by one, starting with the smallest, do them.

Perhaps you’ve wanted to share your views about something edgy, but are terrified of posting it on the internet to be judged and chewed up by the entire world; who will gather outside of your house and yell on megaphones about how incompetent and worthless your opinions are. Your boss will read it and fire you, your significant other will dump you, and your family will give you up for adoption. You will be an ex-communicated wandering leper, scrounging alone through the deserts, looking for a cactus that hasn’t read your blog yet in order to ask it for a drink of water to survive another day.

Scary, isn’t it?

I remember doing my first creative writing several years ago, on a piece of paper that I kept in my wallet. I was terrified to show anyone. It was a mini-inspirational speech that I would read to myself whenever I felt like giving up in calculus III. One night in college, half-delirious from pulling an all-nighter with a friend, I felt comfortable enough to show it to him. And guess what happened?


I was blown away. I showed a few other friends, and they all told me I should be an inspirational writer or speaker. At the time, I shrugged it off, thinking they were just being polite, and went back to studying the dull principles of civil engineering.

Back then, I never believed that one day I’d have the courage to say things online in front of millions of people that most wouldn’t even discuss with someone until they’ve dated for at least six months.

When I was a kid, I was very quiet and shy. I hated speaking on the phone, and would just give people one word answers. Hi. Good. No. Okay. Bye.

Breaking out of the shell is a process. If you’re scared to take even a small step, find an even smaller one. Post something anonymously, so that it’s not even like people are judging you. Practice your speech in front of two friends before you do it for 20.

Every time there’s something I know I probably should do, but I’m afraid of it, I push myself to do it. I still remember the first time I went up to a stage at a conference in front of 300 people — it was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. It was scarier than when I jumped out of an airplane. But when it was over, I felt like a different person. Another time, I got on stage at a club and danced in front of 1,000 people as part of a hot body contest. The whole time I thought:

Who the hell are you, and what have you done with the quiet little boy who used to live here?

The best part: After I did that, a friend of mine who was out of shape joined the competition — with six pack abs we drew on with a black sharpie marker. AND HE WON. And it was one of the funniest and greatest things ever.

After something like that, the fear knob gets turned down in every other part of life. You think to yourself: If I can jump out of an airplane at 10,000 feet, if I can dance in front of 1,000 people, if I can move thousands of miles away to a city where I don’t know anyone, after quitting my job without something else lined up — why on earth would I be afraid to write a measly blog post on the internet from behind a computer?

Tell me what scares you in the comments. And tell me what you’re going to do about it.

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It’s All My Fault: How I Messed Up the World, and Why I Need Your Help to Fix It


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The Perks Of A Foreign Connection

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Đây là 2 câu chuyện về 2 nhân vật, với một góc nhìn nghiêng.

Tất nhiên, nếu nhin chính diện, có thể các bạn sẽ thấy nhiều hơn, nhưng điều đó không thực sự cần thiết. Vì cái tôi muốn chỉ là, các bạn sẽ thấy hai chân dung này rất khác nhau.


Câu chuyện 1

"Hồi đó em đang học năm thứ tư. Tối 25 Tết, em định ra đường mua mấy quả dưa hấu làm quà Tết cho mẹ, rồi sáng hôm sau đi xe buýt về quê.

Dọc đường Trần Hưng Đạo có rất nhiều sạp bán dưa trên vỉa hè. Em rà xe theo vệ đường và quyết định ghé vào một sạp. Đang chọn dưa thì một câu hỏi chợt hiện lên trong đầu em:”Tại sao mình ghé vào sạp này, mà không ghé vào sạp khác”?

Sau một hồi suy nghĩ, em đưa ra nhận định là vì đèn ở sạp này sáng hơn. Rồi em lại tự hỏi, chẳng lẽ con người cũng giống con trùng, cũng bị ánh sáng thu hút? Không, sao lại như thế đươc? Ôi, cứ thử là biết ngay!

Nghĩ là làm. Em quay ngay về rủ thêm đứa bạn thân cùng mua dưa hấu để bán. Hai đứa góp tiền được gần 40 triệu. Một đứa đi liên hệ địa điểm bán, một đứa đi mua dưa.

Tối hôm sau, chưa tới 10h, hơn hai nghìn quả dưa của bọn em đã bán hết sạch. Bí quyết, dĩ nhiên, chỉ mình bọn em biết. Chúng em lắp đèn cực sáng, sáng đến mức các sạp gần đó trông tối om om.

Ngày đầu tiên buôn dưa, sau khi trừ giá vốn và các loại chi phí, chúng em lời được 20 triệu”.

Đó là một phần của câu chuyện, do một bạn trẻ đã kể lại cho tôi, trong một lần cùng ăn trưa.

Bây giờ, vào tuổi 35, bạn ấy đã là chủ của 6 công ty nhỏ, nhưng rất hiệu quả.

Câu chuyện 2

Một lần, tôi được sang Malaisia công tác cùng với một lãnh đạo ngành giao thông. Tôi rất quý anh, vì thấy anh tâm huyết với công việc. Anh quan sát, ghi chép đủ thứ, từ đường phố, cầu cống, vỉa hè, đèn đường…

Thấy nắp cống tròn, anh hỏi tôi:

- Tại sao, nắp cống ở Việt Nam thì hình vuông, còn ở đây thì hình tròn?

Tôi suy nghĩ và trả lời:

- Em thấy nắp cống tròn có hai cái lợi. Thứ nhất, nó không bị rớt xuống cống, trong khi nắp cống vuông có thể bị rớt theo đường chéo của miệng cống. Thứ hai, nắp cống tròn dễ vận chuyện hơn, vì có thể lăn.

Anh reo lên:

- Hay quá. Rất thông minh.

Tôi hỏi anh:

- Hay như vậy, về Việt Nam, anh có cho triển khai nắp cống tròn cho những con đường mới không?

Anh buồn rầu:

- Thấy hay thì khen vậy thôi. Chứ bỏ được cái cũ khó lắm.

Sau này về Việt Nam, tôi biết, anh cũng đề xuất đổi sang sử dụng nắp cống tròn. Nhưng, đúng như anh đã nói, thay đổi khó lắm.

Theo tôi biết, các nắp công ở Việt Nam hiện giờ vẫn là hình vuông.


Đó là 2 câu chuyện về 2 nhân vật mà tôi muốn kể với các bạn.

Một người đã “make things happen”. Một người không.

Bởi vì, một người có tinh thần doanh nhân, còn người kia mang tinh thần công chức.





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Amanda Palmer - The Art of Asking

Derek Sivers - How to Start a Movement

William Kamkwamba - How I Harnessed the Wind

Elizabeth Gilbert - Your Elusive Creative Genius

Myshkin Ingawale - A Blood Test Without Bleeding

Hans Rosling - Let My Dataset Change Your Mindset

This new book represents over six years’ worth of my life experiences, insights, and ideas on creating a better way of living for all of us: 

It’s All My Fault: How I Messed Up the World, and Why I Need Your Help to Fix It


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ENFJ leadership style

Is a facilitator, not an autocrat.

2. Inspires and persuades others through his/her personal convictions and passion.
3. Demands consistency between organisational goals, actions and values.
4. Believes work is accomplished through building relationships.
5. Values and strives for co-operation, harmony and self-determination.
6. Enjoys hands-on participation in administering people and projects.
7. Tries to gauge work to avoid crisis.
8. Focuses first on the impact of a crisis on people.
9. Inspires innovation and transformation in those he/she leads.
10. Warmly encourages others to express themselves.
11. Prides him/herself on knowing a person’s personal side; sees it as a part of business.
12. Is concerned with meeting everyone’s needs rather than fulfilling his/her own personal agenda.
13. Must be able to respect superiors and strives to be respected by others.
14. Easily responds to the needs of the individual and group.

From spectrumx.co.uk

The most fundamental tools of understanding; kindness, and compassion toward our bedside nurses & patients, is sometimes lost in the shuffle of administration’s concern to speed track medical and nursing care. What’s evident is that workers are expected to treat and street, juggle unsafe patient assignments - all the while covering breaks for fellow nurses, squeeze in time consuming in-services, while keeping one watchful eye on unstable patients, mentor new nurses without the proper supportive resources, and somehow provide high quality care. It comes as no surprise to any nurse, doctor, physician assistant, NP, LPN, or nursing assistant on the front line of care, when a colleague is exhausted to the point of burning out - yet administration sets unrealistic standards that seem to have neglected the most valuable components; the foundations of care and service. What’s needed, are perhaps leaders with a clear vision, an inherent character and courage to stand for what they know to be the right thing, the heart to follow through with what they profess, a solid understanding of the daily struggles of the workers on the front line, a caring and flexible mind that listens to the thoughts of those actually delivering the care, the kindness that recognizes some days it’s just not possible to be on point, the compassion of what it may potentially mean to be a patient or family caught in the middle of daily conflict, and a keen remembrance & respect of what it means to be a resident doctor, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, bedside nurse, or nursing assistant. What will it take to remember this?
—  Nurse X
It’s good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it’s good, too, to check up once in a while and make sure that you haven’t lost the things that money can’t buy.
—  George Lorimer