Giunse alfin il momento … Deh, vieni, non tardar from Mozart’s Le nozze di Figaro, sung by Pierrette Alarie.

The Almighty Jennifer Lawrence - Exerpt from the New Article in Le Figaro
The release of Mockingjay - Part 2 in 2015 will mark the end of the saga. What will you take away from this experience?

Jennifer: It’s the first time I’ve played the same role for several years. My character, Katniss, and I, are similar: we live in the countryside, we have to fight to survive in a foreign environment. Katniss has to literally kill to survive, which fortunately is not the case with me! After the events in Catching Fire, she is suffering from post-traumatic stress. In Mockingjay, she is so vulnerable that she must rebuild herself. It was interesting and exciting to grow with her, facing such exceptional circumstances, like when I was learning my craft in Hollywood, where everything was happening at breakneck speed.

Like for Katniss, it seems difficult for you to adapt to your celebrity status…

I hesitated for three long days before accepting The Hunger Games. I dreamed of independent films. I was afraid of being identified as such a prominent character for young people. At 20, you’re rarely faced with a decision that will have such an impact on your future. I wasn’t sure about wanting this life. But I was afraid of one day regretting missing this opportunity. Since then, I realised that anything I do, at any level, would cause me to lose a part of my private life… Most stars your age are hyper connected on social media, it’s how they maintain their “brand” and the buzz around their careers. Not you. Why? - It doesn’t interest me for a second! I have hundreds of emails right now! I always had a very clear idea of what I wanted to do: acting, that’s all. Unfortunately I can’t control my presence in the tabloids. For each “candid” photo published in these magazines, I usually spent three hours playing cat and mouse with photographers. Of course, by contract, I have to have a presence in the media promoting my work. But if I had the choice, you would only see me in the movies …

 The rest is in French at Madame Le Figaro (X)

Horse fire. A man rides a horse through a bonfire in San Bartolome de Pinares, Spain, in honor of Saint Anthony, the patron saint of animals. On the eve of Saint Anthony’s Day, hundreds ride their horses trough the narrow cobblestone streets of the small village of San Bartolome during the “Luminarias”, a traditional festival that dates back 500 years and is meant to purify the animals with the smoke of the bonfires, and protect them for the year to come.

Cheval de feu. Un cavalier traverse un feu de joie avec son cheval dans la petite ville espagnole de San Bartolomé de Pinares en l'honneur de Saint Antoine, le saint patron des animaux. Des centaines de cavaliers sont venus défier les bûchers disséminés dans la ville de San Bartolome durant la fête des “Luminarias”. Cette fête est une tradition païenne datant de plus de 500 ans et permet aux animaux défiant les flammes de se purifier et de se protéger des maladies et autres malheurs dans les années futures.


Jardins perchés. Il fallait y penser…À condition toutefois d’être anglais. Fous de jardin, nos voisins d’outre-Manche se cassaient la tête depuis des années pour trouver le moyen de tailler les haies du labyrinthe du manoir de Longleat House, dans le comté de Wiltshire, sans y passer trop de temps ni finir par se perdre dans ses méandres végétaux. Après une intense réflexion et ,peut-être,un stage de perfectionnement chez les survivants des Monty Python, ils ont pu crier: «Eurêka! Equipons les tailleurs de haies d’échasses !»Génial, non? Désormais plus hauts d’un bon mètre sur leurs engins d’aluminium, les jardiniers peuvent accomplir leur office en quelques jours au lieu de quelques mois! Et surtout, retrouver leur chemin dans le dédale de Longleat House… (BNPS/VISUAL PRESS AGENCY)

Elevated gardeners. Crazy about gardens, our neighbors across the channel have struggled for years trying to figure out how to best  trim the hedges at Longleat House, in the English county of Wiltshire, without wasting too much time or becoming lost in the leafy twists and turns.  After intense reflection (in the style of Monty Python), someone must have cried “Eureka! Let’s give the hedge trimmers stilts!” Now almost a meter taller thanks to their metal devices, the gardeners can accomplish what used to take months in a few days. The stilts might also be useful for finding the path out of the Longleat House labyrinth.  

Jennifer Lawrence Le Figaro interview

One of my lovely friends translated the rest of the Le Figaro interview for me and told me I could share it with you all..

Were you a fashionista prior to your Dior campaign in 2012?
JL: Not really, no! I hated dressing up for my red carpet premieres, because I never feel at ease in glamorous dresses. In Louisville, back when I was a kid, I would inherit clothes from my older brothers that I would then accessorize with girly things that my mother would unearth from the attic. I was a true tomboy. It’s only recently that I discovered the beauty of high fashion and the big designers. The first Dior show of Raf Simons that I went to blew my mind. Suddenly, I felt a desire to embody that definition of a woman, to wear works of art.

European women carry their houses in their handbags. What about you?
JL: I have an enormous one, nicknamed “the flagship”, that I take everywhere and in which one would find really anything! My basics? Lollipops from my nephews, souvenirs from my last time babysitting that I haven’t yet thrown out; my wallet; my passport; my cell phone; and a collection of lip glosses and pens – since they always fall to the bottom, I always forget they’re there and buy new ones constantly. When I opt for a smaller bag, I transfer all of these musts in a restricted version.

In Serena, you complete a passionate couple with Bradley Cooper, just like in SLP. It is your third film together in two years, after American Hustle in 2013. Why were these choices made? How do you explain the chemistry between you two?
JL: Honestly, it’s hard to explain! He’s a fabulous actor, who lets me do better every time. I have cultivated the same relationship with the director, David O. Russell: we love to work together.

In the making of your Dior campaign for fall/winter 2014/2015, you defined a strong woman as “sure of herself and knowing what she wants”. What would be her ideal man?
JL: Someone who lets her be herself in all circumstances. If not, she should stay single!

Sky fields. An ethnic Miao woman walks through a field in morning fog the village of Basha, Congjiang county, Guizhou province. The village, an old ethnic Miao settlement with a population of 2,200, is believed to be the last community authorized by the Chinese government to keep guns. 

Les champs du ciel. Une femme de la communauté Miao marche à travers champs dans les nuages matinaux pour rejoindre son village Basha, dans la province de Guizhou en Chine. Ce village historique pour son illustre communauté Miao de 2200 habitants est devenu le dernier endroit en Chine où le port d'armes à feu est encore autorisé par le gouvernement.