Can we just talk about how awesome the human race can be sometimes?

I know the world can be pretty heinous at times - one look at any news channel and you’ll see we’re plagued with racism, genocide, religious warfare and an array of freak accidents seemingly around every corner.

But what the news usually fails to report are all the amazing ways humans make life a little more awesome for one another.

So I’d like to dedicate this “news report” to some pretty amazing people I’ve been fortunate enough to call my friends and family.

1. The best man in our wedding, Chris Hart. Phil and I were both completely stunned to receive Facebook notifications letting us know that we had been tagged in this heartfelt post. Chris and his girlfriend Heather orchestrated this amazing campaign to raise enough funds ($510) for us to expedite our visa application. After already shelling out $1500 for the visa alone, we couldn’t bring ourselves to pay the extra amount, so this was an absolutely amazing gesture. It took a stunning 4 hours for our friends and family to raise the money. I will never be able to convey how appreciative I am for their thoughtfulness and kindness.

2. My aunt, Debbie. She orchestrated a small dinner party with my cousin and aunt to give me a going away present. (That’s my adorable mom in the bottom right of the picture.) She gathered my favorite comfort food recipes that my great aunt and grandma used to make for all family gatherings and organized them in an adorable recipe book for me. She also downloaded all the wedding photos and videos she took at our wedding onto a USB drive.

3. missmarisol. She sent me the most unexpected care package which included a t-shirt I casually mentioned I would love to have. It says “The Freak Knows Hitters” and references one of our favorite baseball pitchers and his recent No Hitter pitching appearances. The beauty of the t-shirt is that I can wear it with wild abandon in England and not worry about being booted from the Cincinnati Reds fan club. It’ll be our little secret, okay?

Thank you to all of you who make the world a better place for someone else. Thanks for the messages and genuine interest in my well being. Thank you for being better friends than even those IRL can be sometimes. Stay awesome.