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anonymous said:

Imagine Near reading Mello's account of the LABB murders and being inspired to write his own book about a past case of L's. The result? L: Change the World.

yagami-raito-kun replied to your post:I was gonna say that the short comic about L’s…

//I thought of that, which is why I said “including Watari,” who narrated both L one-shots. (Though my real theory is that Obata just hadn’t settled on a way to draw him yet, as with the disappearing eyebrows issue. But that’s less fun.)

(Yeah, that is very likely what happened and what the interviews basically confirm, but it’s an insufficient explanation in-universe, so I choose to go with the other theory anyway - it fits in L’s character to be this secretive)

Yeah, that is also a good point. These comics were in a collection of photographs of movie!L though, so I question if they should be applied to manga!L at all, seeing the movies/LctW!novel continuity differ so greatly from canon anyway