Fire - Sleeping With Sirens

Favorite SWS song ever <3

Let's Cheers to This || Dylan & Lena

  Derek brought Lena home earlier today so she could spend some time with me then after Lena’s party we may be going to Callie’s house to spend some time with her. It’s basically so she can babysit us. I don’t know why Teddy and Addison are so worried now about us being home alone.. We we’re always home alone; it’s not like we aren’t used to it and don’t know how to take care of ourselves. Lena hasn’t seen her room yet because I wanted it to be a present so when she came home, I painted her nails and toenails downstairs; I even did her hair and played dress up with her in the living room. I let her perform and she even got me to join her. When it was time for me to fix Lena’s breakfast, her favorite meal, for her birthday, she watch TV in the living room.

  The birthday girl is coming into the kitchen from the living room and I look up at the clock on the wall as the timer on the stove goes off. It’s midnight when breakfast finishes cooking, “Right on time,” I say to myself. Lena was born at midnight so it is officially her birthday. I take out the small cake I baked for Lena. It was a strawberry cake with sprinkles; it was pink and I even manage to write happy birthday on it with icing. I put the candle shaped like an 8 in the cake and I start to sing Happy Birthday to my favorite little girl.