League Community Day.

So as some of you may remember ask-teemo / ask-casual-irelia-mun and I used to host faction games and other community fun games in league a while back. (She did most of the work.) I was thinking today at work about bringing those faction games back along with other fun league custom games and other games entirely. (i.e. Cards Against Humanity, Some steam games, etc. etc.) But I want to bring those back and make it an official day where I, myself and possibly a couple friends host games where followers and friends alike from the Tumblr League of Legends community can come and have a good time.

The goal of this would be to overall have fun, create laughs and memories, and have a different form of interaction with each other.

Lastly I want to know what you all think of this. Let me know what you guys think. Would you all want something like this, does it sound like a good Idea?