So it’s raining in Ireland (suprise suprise) and Bob, my little princess came in completely soaked, so I wrapped her up in a towel like a baby and carried her like this for a good ten minutes

Your Fave is Problematic Bobby Morley Edition

- perpetual bedhead
- freckles stratigically placed by God for maximum cuteness
- actual puppy
- smiles like 97% of the time
- smells really good probably
- his laugh is infectious and could probably kill you
- maybe the biggest nerd to ever exist
-seriously though the bedhead
-may be terrified of brushes and or combs

richard siken is an award-winning published author of queer poetry who has taken the time to actively seek out and interact with his growing fanbase, a part of which is johnlock shippers and people who identify as queer. he didn’t have to make a tumblr. he didn’t have to acknowledge any of us. he didn’t have to validate our interests. he has been nothing but patient, kind, and accepting. he calls himself bob. he has done nothing but try to learn about fandom and connect with us over our shared love of a television show. this isn’t something that happens all the time. we should be treating him with the respect he deserves. we should be supporting someone like him. i am so, so glad bob is here and i hope that we continue to enjoy his time here with us.