so far, these are the people in the lead for the LBTs contest:

first place so far: misskiaraa with 123 reblogs and 219 notes overall:

second place so far: chzsomrs with 59 reblogs and 108 notes overall:

third place so far: beliebers-wanna-imagine with 58 reblogs and 117 notes overall:

and very close behind:

grownuprauhl with 56 reblogs and 114 notes overall:

smdrauhl with 55 reblogs and 104 notes overall:

*There is still A LOT of time left in this contest so there is nothing to worry about if you’re not even on here! Remember, your post has to reach AT LEAST 100 notes to be eligible. The winners will be chosen based off of the number of REBLOGS not notes. I will try to update the leader-board every week. If you have not entered the contest yet, GO GO GOOOO.

If your post hasn’t been made yet, don’t worry, I’m most likely working on it right now. 

Aight payce :-)