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larger blog secrets #3

those “cute sweaters” and shit that they post with links under them over and over and over again are actually ads from a group of chinese companies that pay them for how many people click on the link

anonymous asked:

fuck you, i make money because i cant fucking pay for my bills or school! i rely on this because i cant get a job no one wants to hire a socially awkward suicidal teen. I pay for my own shit and i save up money i dont spend it on shit for beauty or anything like that okay im fucking poor my family doesnt even have a car ive been catching public transport since i was born i dont live with my dad fuck you

I never once said making money from tumblr is bad, I do it all the time. 

What I was posting about was to alert the people as to how the popular blogs make money, and an answer as to why some blogs spam or repeatedly reblog the same “sweater” posts or links. 

I have no issues, I pay for bills with the money I make from my blogs, I come from a family that has filed for bankruptcy multiple times, I pay for some bills and a a shit ton of other things. 

I make money from my blog as well and that is okay to do, and I never said anything about why you shouldn’t.

You are letting people try to make me seem like this horrible demeaning guy, which I’m not - I honestly do care, and think that if you can make money doing what you love or what you can do (IE, blogging) then do it, more power to you. 

I am so happy that you are able to make enough money to pay the bills, I am so happy for you, and I am even more so happy that although you are a “socially awkward suicidal teen” that you haven’t (and hopefully wont) commit suicide. You are wanted, and you are needed, and I bet you are absolutely lovely.

Life will get better for you, and I hope you wake up with a nice paycheck this week, and a wonderful opportunity - seriously you deserve it. 

larger blog secrets #6

Don’t get me wrong, some of the popular blogs honestly care about their followers AND use it as their day job and its great. But there are so many of them that don’t give a shit about you and lie to your faces to make more money.