Four years ago I walked through the gates of Poly High School for the first time as a student. My brother was starting his senior year there, so I had already identified myself with Poly for three years before, but now I had my chance to call myself a Jackrabbit. 

High school definitely has its ups and downs. I may have had the worst experiences of my life during these years, but I can say without a doubt that I also had the very best experiences, ones I will never ever forget. You learn so much, not only academically, but you learn so much about yourself and about the world. You make the kind of friendships that stick for the rest of your days, you learn the lessons that get you through the highs and lows of life. No matter what, if you ever catch yourself thinking about how shit High School is, how it’s the worst four years, a) remember middle school, come on, we all want to forget those awkward years. But b) Think about all the good things you’ve gotten out of it and will get out of it. Always seek to make your experience with life the best you can, because it’s never late to start over. 

On Thursday, I became an Alumni of Long Beach Poly High School. And while I will miss it, my favorite teachers, my best friends, some of which are moving thousands of miles away, I am excited to move on with the knowledge and experience I have gained from the past 4 years. 

Once a Jackrabbit, Always a Jackrabbit.


My sister hugs me congratulations after the ceremony.