There is a very famous statement of Gautam the Buddha, that lies are sweet and truth is bitter. But truth is bitter only in the beginning; in the end it becomes sweet, and lies are sweet only in the beginning; in the end they become bitter. Lies are poison coated with sugar, hence the sweetness in the beginning. And truth is naked. It does not care about your mind, your comfort, your convenience—it simply asserts itself as it is. It does not compromise with you, hence the bitterness. It never fits with you; you have to fit with it, hence the bitterness. That’s why many people have chosen lies, and very few people are courageous enough to choose truth as their way of life. But in the ultimate reckoning those few people are the winners. These few people are the Buddhas, the awakened ones.

Unless you choose truth, you cannot live a right life, a life of song and dance and celebration. Yes, in the beginning it is hard and arduous and an uphill task, but when you reach to the peak, the sunlit peak, and the virgin snows of the peak, then you attain to something which you could not have even imagined before; then you come to the imprisoned splendor of existence. But the journey is long, and it is good that the journey is long, it is good that truth is not cheap, that one has to pay with one’s life, because unless we pay for something we never recognize its value. The more we have to pay, the more we recognize its value. And it is good that it is available only for daring people, otherwise it would be of no use. It would be ordinary, commonplace. Truth is not ordinary; it is extraordinary, it is supra-mundane, it is sacred.

—  Osho

Featured on tonight’s episode of Lets Be Outraged Together, pretty clearly sums up my feelings on “the one”

Live totally, pour your whole energy into your passions, into your clownhood, into your gypsy adventurer, and soon you will see that what you were thinking was going to bring great blessings to you has only destroyed your energies and has left you like a spent cartridge.
—  Osho

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Why can’t you have trust? Do you think you are very intelligent, that’s why you can’t have trust? No, you are a coward, full of fear—that’s why you can’t trust. It is fear that prevents trust. Only a fearless person can trust.

You are afraid, you may be exploited. You are afraid: ‘Who knows? This man may be a cheat, a fraud. Who knows where he is trying to lead me? Who knows? I should keep alert and hold myself back. I should always remain sitting on the fence so if something goes wrong I can jump out. I should always keep one foot out, so if there is any danger signal I can run away, I can escape.’ This is out of fear.

Remember, trust is possible only when you are fearless. Only a very brave and courageous person can trust. The world has become very cowardly, that’s why trust has disappeared, faith has disappeared.

—  Osho

#EarlyMorningMadness #LBOT #LittleBitOfTruth

A Little Bit of Theatre and a Whole Lot of Respect

A Little Bit of Theatre and a Whole Lot of Respect

Last year I replied to  a casting I seen online for a night called “Little Bit of Theatre.”  I knew the 13th Note well. it’s a cracking wee venue, the staff are all pretty easy going, it does amazing veggie and vegan food, is dog friendly AND it has gluten free beer!!! It’s also really good at supporting artists n the area and the performing arts scene in general. The first evening I performed I…

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All these theories about universal peace, about peace conferences, and so on, are simply laziness and hypocrisy. Men do not want to think about themselves, do not want to work on themselves, but think of how to make other people do what they want.

A great number of people become absorbed in thoughts and feelings about helping others simply out of laziness. They are too lazy to work on themselves; and at the same time it is very pleasant for them to think that they are able to help others. This is being false and insincere with oneself.

If a man looks at himself as he really is, he will not begin to think of helping other people: he will be ashamed to think about it. In order to be able to help people one must first learn to help oneself.

—  George Gurdjieff

The obedient child is praised by his parents, by his teachers, by everybody; and the playful child is condemned. His playfulness may be absolutely harmless, but he is condemned because there is potentially a danger of rebellion.

If the child goes on growing with full freedom to be playful, he will turn out to be a rebel. He will not be easily enslaved; he will not be easily put into armies to destroy people, or to be destroyed himself. The rebellious child will turn out to be a rebellious youth. Then you cannot force marriage on him; then you cannot force him into a particular job; then the child cannot be forced to fulfill the unfulfilled desires and longings of the parents. The rebellious youth will go his own way. He will live his life according to his own innermost desires—not according to somebody else’s ideals.

The rebel is basically natural. The obedient child is almost dead; hence the parents are very happy, because he is always under control.

—  Osho

Everybody has guts. You are not allowed to use them from the very beginning. The whole society wants to make you a coward. Cowards are very much needed because the society is interested in making you slaves.

The parents are interested that you should be obedient—your guts may not allow you to be obedient.

Your teachers want you to accept everything that is said by them without any questioning—your guts may raise questions.

Your priests want you to believe, to have faith—your guts may create doubts.

All the vested interests are against the courageousness which is naturally part of your being.

Nobody is born a coward. Cowards are manufactured.

Every child is brave. I have not come across a single child who is not brave. What happens? Where does this quality disappear?

The same child, when he comes out of the university, is a coward. Your whole teaching, your whole religion, your whole society, all your relationships—the husband does not want the wife to have guts; neither does the wife want the husband to have guts. Everyone wants to dominate everybody else. Naturally, the other person should be reduced to a coward. It is a very strange phenomenon that a woman will destroy the courageousness of her husband. And then she cannot love the man, because a woman loves courage. We have made life so complicated. We are living in such an unconscious way. No woman wants her husband to be a coward, but every woman is going to reduce him to a coward. Then she is caught in a dilemma: she wants her husband to be a hero, but a hero outside the house, not inside the house. But this is not possible. Inside the house he has to function like a mouse, and outside the house he has to function like a lion.

—  Osho

‘Every child has to be obedient.’ You are cutting his roots. You are not giving him a chance to think whether to say yes to you, or to say no. You are not allowing him to think, you are not allowing him to make a decision on his own. You are not giving him responsibility—you are taking responsibility away, behind the beautiful word ‘obedience.’ You are taking his freedom away, you are taking his individuality away, by a simple strategy—insisting that he is a child, he does not know anything. The parents have to decide, and the child has to be absolutely obedient.

The obedient child is the respected child. But so much is implied in it that you are destroying him completely. He will grow old, but he will not grow up. He will grow old, but there will be no blossoming and there will be no fruition. He will live, but his life will not be a dance, will not be a song, will not be a rejoicing. You have destroyed the basic possibility for all that makes a man individual, authentic, sincere, gives him a certain integrity.

—  Osho

The spirit needs freedom—it grows in freedom and only in freedom. If you are really a father, you will be happy if the child is rebellious, because no father would like to kill the spirit of the child.

But you are not fathers. You are ill with your own illnesses. When you force a child to follow you, you are simply saying that you would like to dominate someone. You cannot do it in the world, but this small child, at least you can dominate him, possess him. You are being a politician to the child. You want to fulfill some unfulfilled desires through the child—domination, dictatorship. At least you can be a dictator to the child; he is so weak, he is so young and helpless. And he depends on you so much that you can force anything on him. But by forcing you are killing him. You are not giving birth to him, you are destroying him.

The child who follows will look good—because he is dead. The child who is rebellious will look bad because he is alive.

Because we have missed life ourselves, we are against life. Because we are already dead, dead before death, we always want to kill others. Subtle are the ways. In the name of love, you can kill. In the name of compassion, you can kill. In the name of service, you can kill. Beautiful names we find—deep down, the murderer is sitting.

—  Osho
The whole of humanity is enslaved, and enslaved by such beautiful names: God, religion, morality, truth, motherland, father, mother, family. In all these good names are hidden the very poisonous seeds of your slavery.
—  Osho
The fact is that whoever tries to be the owner of anything in this world becomes its slave. It is said that life is a great mystery because only one who does not insist on his ownership of anyone or anything, is an owner in the real sense of the word.
—  Osho