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LBMC Teaser… More to come!

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soiled it.

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The past congress weekend was incredible, though human insecurity keeps me from believing it was perfect, I am utterly satisfied with our performance. We all did a wonderful job and succeeded in making Long Beach Model Congress XVII an enjoyable weekend for the foreign delegations. I feel so content when I hear other board members commend the board and I for how their delegates are having a wonderful time or how each aspect of our congress was great. It’s wonderful knowing that this event would cause such happiness for people, I’m hearing my delegates say that this past weekend was one of the best times they’ve had or how delegates love their delegation—it just blows my mind to know that these feelings arise from one event, and that that event was made possible by some of my work, as well as the hard work of my other board members and delegates. Everyone did a great job with everything; I am in love with my delegation— they’ve exemplified great qualities and showed their love for congress in how hard they worked. Model Congress and its members continue to amaze me at every event I attend. As speakers, they are intelligent, innovative, and passionate, while as people, they’re all friendly, humorous, unique, while having such empathy and understanding for their delegates or foreign delegates. I’ve grown ill of hearing people say ” I don’t care” or “It doesn’t matter” about many things, as well as the sheer ignorance of people; delegates relieve me when I see how much they do care about current problems, ideas, and what they think is right. I’m actually infatuated with the craziness of congress, I feel as if the debate and fun balance each other out. I really can’t get enough, but I know it’s ending. I know I’m going to fondly remember Model Congress, and Model Congress XVII.


My board is great. We mesh so well and it’s great working with each other— we get everything done but we also go above that. They’re all genuinely excellent people who’ve done so much work to make the congress as best as it could possibly be. Jane is amazing and intelligent, she’s responsible, caring, crazy(but in the best way possible) and always puts a smile on my face. Rebecca has everything down— the fun and the debate— she is the perfect example of it; she knows how to deal with the situations we come across, professionally and efficiently and I’m so glad we have her.Scott, despite his “weenie-ness” is actually phenomenal - he does so much work, congress-wise, and it really pays off; he really wants congress to maintain its .. prestige, I guess, yet also wants it to grow and become greater. Kirsten is truly inspirational and loves congress, there are no words to describe the extent of it. I’m so happy that we’re all together this year.

I should really be writing my gov paper..........

I guess you could say that this week was pretty rough. I got deferred from my first choice and of course I was devastated. I cried for two hours straight and cried sporadically throughout the school day on Friday. It hurt a lot. I honestly thought something was wrong with me. That I was not good enough for them. This one kid got in from my school and I thought to myself what makes him so much better than me. I worked my butt of in high school and yet he got in over me. At first of course I despised him, but I am happy for him. I am happy for everyone who got into college. It just wasn’t meant to be for me. This deferral was not all that bad. It made me realize how awesome my friends are. How they are willing to cheer me up no matter what. I am really glad for that. I think I would still be moping if it was for them. Senior year has been rough, but it had made me realize what awesome friends I do have. I usually hate hugging people, because I really dont know how to hug, but all I wanted to do on Friday was hung all of my friends. They just make me so happy and I am grateful for every one of them. 

On another note LBMC was this weekend and I had the most amazing time. I know I did not win an award or anything, but I improved so much that I am proud of myself. In committee, debate was invigorating. I never had such good debate in committee. The bills were honestly amazing.  Committee at Lawrence was honestly awful last week and even though I got a shout out in that committee, I was more satisfied with my speaking at LBMC. I guess I like to concentrate on self-improvement more than winning an award. I even spoke in House and that made me the happiest =]. I never went up before, but I kinda wanted to prove to myself that I deserve to be on board. I may not win awards, but I want to show others that I can speak and actually express my opinions. I asked questions, went up for general debate, and spoke at yield fests. That feeling of going up there was amazing. I know I was shaking whenever I spoke, but that honestly didn’t matter. I conquered a fear and that made the happy. The best moment at this congress though was when this girl Lauren from Tri-D came up to me and said that I spoke well. No one ever really comes up to me at congress and this honestly made me so happy. No one really knows me at congress and for this one girl to actually come up to me and compliment made me feel so happy. I needed congress this weekend, to get distracted from college, from life.

I am grateful for UMC,my delegation HERRICKS and all of my friends <3

Now to get back to gov….but wow this was a really long post, but I am in such a good mood. Thanks LBMC :D  

im back!!

tri-d was really fun and great. i was in a committee with david (itooktheleapandsoared). the awesome committee was chaired by his girlfriend faith (leapoffaith231). Wehad so much fun debating and talking about so many odd things like clubbing baby seals or being high on cocaine. or talking about money in a strippers g string but your face is on the money. And for david, id live in fuchsville because fuch yeah. My housing was awesome too! i stayed in seaford with a bunch of girls. The one housing us was names emily. I befriended a freshman named dahlia (circumspectacles) and all of it was awesome. I loved everything. Plennary was stupid but i was with my friend jessica so it was rather enjoyable. To finish it all off i got to watch my indian friend be FIERCE!!!!!!!!!!! She was just so sexy and awesome. JAI HO ASHITA JAI HO!! And it was great because my bestie victor (victortheginger) finally came after his stupid play practice. And being in LBMC is always… P-A-R-T-Y TIME ITS PARTY TIME AND YOU KNOW WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

model congress always and forever

~The Long Beach Freshman