all of dishonored is an amazing game but imo (the missions) high overseer campbell and lady boyle’s last party are close to perfect, hoc especially

setting, lore and characters (inc. the outsider bc, shrines) are like 10/10 for both, bonus for being night-based bc that’s my pet mission time

both have funky sidequests (lord shaw, granny rags)

hoc is long af and has a shitton of places to explore, perfect pacing, the most worldbuilding probs of any level besides ‘the flooded district’, 3 iirc rescues (griff, random person, berthold and elsa) not including the major rescues of martin and curnow, great target and massively satisfying nonlethal route

only issue for me in literally the whole level is that the layout of john clavering blvd. is bewildering and the directions system of ‘err if you’re lost try and find the pier and there’s like a vaguely helpful map’ might as well not exist

lblp has the benefit of being about 50% undercover, which means you can mingle with people and do party stuff and generally do shit that isn’t hide & worry about the guards all the time. it’s also gorgeous and creepy and has been hinted at since the first time you go to galvani’s place, so probs mission 1. also tallboys!!

wish it was longer (if you manoeuvre well you can get to the party in like 15 mins even with rune-hunting?) and had a couple more sidequests, and also a better nonlethal solution bc honestly it is dogshit