LeBron appreciation post. 

FIFTH Eastern Conference Title in 5 years. For half a decade, LeBron plays until the very end of the season. That’s bonkers!

You have to go back to the 60′s Celtics to find a player who made 5 Finals in a row, and this was not a fluky case of a role player switching to the right teams. No, this dude was the leader of all five of those teams. Even Magic’s Lakers and Bird’s Celtics never reached the Finals 5 times in a row in the 80′s. 

You could bring up the sorry state of the Eastern Conference for almost 20 years now, and that would be a valid argument, but at some point you just gotta respect greatness while it’s happening right in front of our eyes.


Oct. 20-21, 1967. The March on the Pentagon begins.

100,000 people arrive in Washington on Friday and convene Saturday morning at the Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool on the Mall. The weather is sunny and pleasant, and so far the mood is calm. 

LBJ Library photo 7051-33, and 7051-35, public domain. 

October 20, 1967. Lady Bird has a candid conversation with LBJ’s physician, Dr. James Cain, about his health and their future:

“I told him my feelings–that I did not want to go through the grueling six months of a campaign, and that even more, if we should win I did not want to face another four years as devouring as these last four have been….There are so many things I want to do! My list is a mile long. And for the first time in my life I believe that Lyndon, too, could be happy….

"I asked Jim frankly, as a medical man, what advice he could give me. He said, ‘Obviously he has aged. The last four years have taken a lot out of him, But I cannot say, as I think the doctors should have said to FDR when he ran for his fourth term, that he won’t live out this next term….’

"And so the dilemma continues.”

–Lady Bird Johnson, A White House Diary, New York: Dell Books, 1971, pg 643. Photo:A1798-34, 1/24/1966.


Head Start

‘Fifty years ago today, President Johnson announced Project Head Start, a preschool program to help disadvantaged children before they enter elementary school. In his remarks, he said:

“Today we are able to announce that we will have open, and we believe operating this summer, coast-to-coast, some 2,000 child development centers serving as many as possibly a half million children.

This means that nearly half the preschool children of poverty will get a head start on their future. These children will receive preschool training to prepare them for regular school in September. They will get medical and dental attention that they badly need, and parents will receive counseling on improving the home environment.

This is a most remarkable accomplishment and it has been done in a very short time. It would not be possible except for the willing and the enthusiastic cooperation of Americans throughout the country.

I believe this response reflects a realistic and a wholesome awakening in America. It shows that we are recognizing that poverty perpetuates itself.”

-from the LBJ Library

“I will do my best.  That is all I can do…”

This statement by President Lyndon B. Johnson was written aboard Air Force One. The flight back to the nation’s capital came just over two hours after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas, and the administering of the oath of office to President Johnson. The President delivered the statement upon landing at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington, DC. The statement appears on an index card with typed text and President Johnson’s handwritten annotations.

Statement Upon Arrival at Andrews Air Force Base, 11/22/1963

via DocsTeach

LBJ signs the Economic Opportunity Act, 50 years ago today. 

“Today for the first time in all the history of the human race, a great nation is able to make and is willing to make a commitment to eradicate poverty among its people." 

-President Lyndon B. Johnson

The Act was designed to provide education, job training, health and employment counseling, and neighborhood improvements. Programs included Job Corps, Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA), Legal Services, Upward Bound, and Head Start.

Photo: LBJ visits a Job Corps Center. 11/8/65.

-from the LBJ Library