I worry when these shout out fandom meme things happen that people feel excluded. I’m trying to submit everyone I talk to regularly if they haven’t popped up yet. And I made a general one (that hasn’t posted yet), but I still worry.

IDK. If you want me to–ping me and I will submit one for you? It’s OK if I don’t know you. I will go look around your blog for a bit and say something nice. I will probably make it ridiculous though. So you may want to go with someone else for your admirational needs.

It is 1000% valid to say, “Hey. I’m here too. May I have some love too?” There is no shame in that. 


So, I just wanted to chime in here for those who feel excluded or left out by either the fandom or this blog on a few things.

1) It’s perfectly okay to submit one for yourself if you want to be on this blog. Yeah, I know it may not be as special as having a friend submit for you, but hey, in the words of Walt Whitman, “I celebrate myself and sing myself.” A little self-love never hurt anyone. 

2) I know what it’s like to feel like maybe you’re not in the heart of the fandom. I’m certainly not someone with a blog name you’d recognize immediately or a first-name-basis presence in the fandom. So, if you feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to in this fandom, message me here.

There are plenty of others within this fandom who’d love to chat if you messaged. Feel free to message me or reblog if you’re one of them. If you message me, I’ll get a list together. 

3) If you like submitting these and you follow a blog that posts LBD that you haven’t seen on here, consider submitting their names. All it takes is a comment on how much you like seeing them on your dash. I’d love to spread the love to as many people as possible. I’m considering Find a Blog Fridays, in which we find a blog that hasn’t received love yet to support, but IDK if that’s a good idea. Let me know what you think. 

Most importantly, YOU, whoever you are, are wanted and loved by this fandom, even if you don’t think so. If you create things, I can promise you that your fanfic or graphic or post has made someone’s day better. If not, hey, your presence, your reblogs, and your collective fangirling with us has made a mark on the fandom. Every single member of this community is important, not just the select few, always remember that. 

Love you, guys. <3 Thanks for making this a wonderful week.