I felt fat today, my mom pointed out I looked fat in a shirt, a guy played with my arm fat… ~Siiiiiiiiiigh~ Ima go on a kinda-not-a-diet-since-it-means-for-me-to-just-barely-eat-anything again like last year! I lost 30 pounds last year all together… I need to loose ‘bout… 50 to 30 maybe??

freckledwolfchief asked:

I feel like foreigners think of American's like they are selfish and hate everyone but themselves, and are fat lazy turds and half of that is true I hate America for what it is today but there still is a good percentage of people who are kind and love animals and stuff but they are usually people who don't have American blood and usually have native American blood, like wtf America wake up you're just a jealous hater.

tbh this is how I stereotype citizens of USA, and as much as I dislike the country, I don’t blame the citizens for it