Sometimes, you just need someone else to pick you up. It’s not because you’re lazy or you’re being needy. You just need to be reminded that someone cares to help you when you’re down and even if that person was to never help you up again, you can continue, knowing that there is still goodness in this world. Sometimes, that is all that matters and all that you need.
The Eternal Realist

I feel like lazy days with Michael would be the best because you would be lounging around in old pajamas and he’d be in some old tee shirt and his boxers and you’d watch movies and have contests to see who can catch a thrown goldfish in their mouth and when you’d get tired after literally doing nothing all day you’d cuddle up together in bed and listen to chill music and take naps together 

EXO react to the morning after

Xiumin: You’d wake up to kisses all over as he smiles up at you, hands massaging your waist. “Good morning, gorgeous. How are you feeling?” He’d get a little naughtier if you were feeling up to it, leading to lazy morning sex.

Luhan: He’d give both of you plenty of time to sleep in, waking you with a grin and sex hair as he sleepily pulling you close. He kisses your cheek and whispers to make you blush. “You look even better naked in the mornings…”

Kris: After some morning cuddles and making sure you’re alright, he’d make breakfast for both of you, lifting you onto the counter so he can steal kisses as he works. Jokingly saying “I’m a really great cook - you’ll be amazed, baobei.”

Suho: He’d dote on you, gently massaging your stomach if you’re sore and kissing you intermittently. “Don’t you worry about anything. I’ll take good care of you, jagi.” He’d carry you to take a bath with him.

Lay: He’d turn over in to morning to stare at you sweetly, kissing your forehead and nuzzling against your hair, holding you close as you wake up, murmuring to you. “Go back to sleep, baobei. I’ll be right here.”

Baekhyun: While you’re asleep, he’d poke at your face until you wake up, probably a little annoyed, but he’d just laugh. “But I wanted you to wake up so I could do this.” He’d kiss you deeply, hands moving down your body.

Chen: He’d be extra cuddly that morning, unwilling to leave the bed, just relaxing back and holding you in his arms as you joke about last night. “Dancing machine, my ass - I didn’t hear you complaining about my moves.”

Chanyeol: He’d giggle, seeing you naked in bed beside him, even though he already saw everything. You’d end up in a tickle fight before he pulls you on top of him, snickering. “Don’t tell me you’re too tired for a repeat of last night.”

DO: Pulling your head to rest on his shoulder as you sleep, he’d lightly brush your hair back, blushing as the memories come back. He’d kiss your hair, staying silent to let you continue dreaming as long as you can.

Tao: Hands lightly massaging your side, he’d sit up. “How about some shower sex, baobei? We need to get clean anyway.” He’d help you up, hands already wandering and kissing you as you two stumble into the bathroom.

Kai: You’d be the first one to wake up that morning because he’s such a deep sleeper. He’d be groggy for a while after he wakes up, squishing you in his arms, morning voice rough. “Go back to sleep, jagi. You need your rest.”

Sehun: Hair a mess, he’d snicker. “You look properly fucked. Are you sore?” If the answer’s yes, he’d cuddle a little longer. If no, then he’d smirk wickedly, rolling you onto your back and pulling your leg to hook around his hip.

- Admin J

Michael’s so cuddly like he just has that adorable little face and those big, emerald gems for eyes that you can’t say no to. Just imagine sickly Michael whining about how he’s so cold, so as you pull the covers upwards, he began to squirm around, claiming, “Can you sleep with me? PLEASE, IT’S IMPORTANT.” Of course you couldn’t say no, so you just lay by him, allowing him to wrap his arms around your waist and lay on the crook of your neck. A few minutes pass and Michael’s out cold: A look of total nostalgia imprinted on his face. A small whisper, “I love you, I’ll never leave,” would be enough to keep a smile on your face. It was one of those things you weren’t supposed to hear, yet you were happy that you did.