Got around to painting that layout! Haven’t posted in a while- I’ve been busy because of job-related things. CTN was great, got lots of good feedback, especially from Michael Kurinsky and Patrick Awa!

Also keep an eye out for Miles From Tomorrowland, a new Disney Junior show coming out this February!! I started working on it at the tail-end of season one. Everyone’s been really awesome to work with so far!


A few inks, comic panel / illustrations layouts and character sketches from the Mercenary Kings comic I drew for Tribute Games ! Not really new stuff , but I though it would be interesting to show some WIPs. 
If you backed the game, you can also see a few other things at the end of the .pdf artbook. 

It was really fun to work on this comic as I had a lot of freedom for the art style and storyboards !

( by the way take a look at their new game Curses N Chaos which looks super nice ! )